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  1. I just purchased a 5.45 Saiga and I have an Eotech I want to mount on onto it. What is a decent cheap mount for it that will lock onto the side rail?
  2. is the .308 one of the easiest to convert? for pistol grip and everything. I'm thinking about getting one and I thought I had read that somewhere.
  3. Im pretty new to this forum. I've had a few different ak's in the past and currently have a NDS-1 Romanian Underfolder. I've decided I want to buy a Saiga and convert it. I know this has probably been asked a 100 times but, what websites have the best deals on Saigas?
  4. crazy, if thats yours haha doesnt even look converted and yet so much money put into that
  5. ...also, what would it take to put on a wooden IMI Galil handgaurd/forend? just the bolt on retainer? or something additional?
  6. Are there any pics of Saigas which have not had the pistol grip/trigger conversions, but have had standard wooden ak handgaurds and wooden gas tube gaurds installed? Not the Saiga wooden hand gaurd, but a regular AK one.
  7. Do I need a new gas tube(regular ak one) for the upper hand gaurd? If you desire to use a standard Kalashnikov gas tube cover, yes. K, found a wooden hand-gaurd w/gas tube and cover on gunbroker. another stupid question since I dont have my saiga yet and cannot see... is removing the gas tube the same as removing it on an sks? swivel the lever on the rear sight and then pop the gas tube off?
  8. Do I need a new gas tube(regular ak one) for the upper hand gaurd?
  9. so once I do the above I can put a wooden handgaurd on?
  10. The handgaurd in this link... http://www.ultimak.com/CHOS-B.htm where can I find that by itself?(i dont care much for the dragunov style stock) I think I've seen it in a lot of pics of converted saigas how well does it fit the saigas? does it just pop right on without any problems?
  11. Hi, I'm new to the Saiga. I actually have one on layway which I will go pick up in a couple weeks so I havent played with it yet. Anyways, I'm planning on converting it in the next 3-4 months. I don't know much about tools or anything but I'm just going to go for it haha I figure I can look for a local gun smith to help me if I get stuck on anything. So what I was wondering, do I have to convert/move the trigger gaurd and everything right away to make the trigger better? Or can I buy that Tapco trigger set and just install it right away without converting?
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