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About Me

My outlook on life was forged with Heavy metal, Comedy, Traveling, combat sports and Video games.

1. George Carlin for my over all perception. Next to my father, he was my main influence growing up.

2. Geezer Butler, Steve Harris, and DD Verni for my bass influence. I wish I could say Victor Wootin, but I'm not that good.

3. Lived in Pa and Idaho.

4. Wrestling and Karate from 7th grade to 12th grade. (I sucked at wrestling, was very good at karate.)

5. Give me RTS, TBS, RPG, or give me death. I hate FPS games. Civ 2 and 3, Might and Magic, FF7, C&C have absorbed my life.


I'm an independent moderate and I don't give a crap what people think politicly, because when you leave the house and interact with people, hard line attitudes suck! I've played in metal bands from Buffalo NY, to Altoona Pa, to Philly Pa, to Baltimore Md.


I've seen every metal band you can name in concert. Been injured and have injured in the pit more times than I can count.


(fun fact) I was a certified Dungeon Master at the age of 12!

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