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  1. Conglomerate owned ratings based entertainment news themed programming can't be trusted? Stop the presses! The CNN melt down is pretty entertaining though.
  2. It reminds me of the two 1911's the Mexican in Boondock Saints 2 picked and he asked if they made him look gay. The gun guy said "You look like you might have seen one up close". LOL. It does fit Trump's style though, I dig it.
  3. You guys might have me convinced to give "Dude, I'm a..." another chance. I only liked him in Rivers Edge and Dennis Hopper and Krispen Glover played a big part in that. I tolerated him in Devils Advocate, but Al Pacino did the heavy lifting in that. He's one of those actors that can't disappear into a role. Keanu, and Tom Cruise are great examples.
  4. Once again I tried to watch American Horror story, and once again it should be called American Snorer story. That show is 80% artsy/20% fartsy. It's like watching a bunch of Johnny Depp characters doing weird Johnny Depp things. If the word Horror is in the title, it better offer more than bumps in the night and gimmicks. Luckily, the SYFY channel of all places has 2 shows coming out that look very promising. Aftermath is an original take on the post-apocalyptic genre. Even more promising is Channel Zero. It takes "creepypasta" (a term for internet based horror shorts) stories and turns th
  5. Some real numbers I got on zerohedge: The Clinton foundation took in 143 million dollars. 9 million went to the actual causes, the rest were "administrative" fees. Congress just subpoenaed the FBI guy for ALL of the Clinton emails. The DNC calls the latino Americans "the taco vote". They call the African Americans "the jungle vote". Pure evil. The cankle queen needs to go!
  6. Clinton Cash is the one to watch. At least she donated $1,004,200 to the company that employs her daughter and husband last year.
  7. They are eating pets for food for crap's sake! At least this little sweetheart escaped in time. http://www.theomegaproject.org/search
  8. 1. The Thing. 2. Return of the living dead. 3. An American werewolf in London. 4. Evil Dead 2 5. The Boogens. Slashers suck: Humans are fragile.A good beating will take most of them out. Ghosts suck: They move furniture for 2 hours. If one killed me, I'd be a ghost too, and go all Dan Henderson on their ass the moment they kill me. Animals and monsters get to me.
  9. My cop buddy and I go way back, but the last decade we saw GWAR, Slayer, etc. He was a week away from being called to the Baltimore riots. Thankfully, when idiots shit where they eat, they peter out real quick.
  10. How many free pokes with a stick do these pavement apes get before the bear wakes up and mauls them good? This vid is good. A trained black guy explains how one 12 year old girl would wipe out entire crews.
  11. My wife worked at a place for 10 years, the last 3 years of it, they hired more diaper heads. Those guys would walk around and criticize any woman they saw and HR allowed it. She moved on.
  12. I've been telling my friends for years that I dread the day that diaper headed dune coons realize they can kill a lot more people with ease with cars. That cave dwelling goat raper did more damage with a truck than any scary black gun can do. Rush's song Bastille Day has been on my rotation today.
  13. I know it's typical Huff post humor, but nothing about Florida surprises me any more.
  14. Goldman Sachs, Hildabeast, and all the other debt slaving banksters just got schooled by independent thought! Let the dominoes fall.
  15. My wife and her friends (women) want scary black guns more now since that ugly Canadian girl not affiliated with Rush said AR-15's are penises. Liberals are great gun salesman!
  16. He doesn't know what "kicks like a mule" feels like, but I'm sure he knows what "hung like a mule" feels like.
  17. I just talked to my kid in Oklahoma, and she was telling me a story about a run in with the cops there. Thankfully, her story was pale compared to the shit that's going on out there. ERAD! Civil forfeiture? Sounds like straight up robbery by those that are paid by the citizens to serve. http://oklahomawatch.org/2016/06/07/new-front-in-civil-forfeiture-okla-authorities-get-devices-to-seize-funds-loaded-onto-prepaid-cards/ That is the only state that votes 100% republican every time, and it has less freedom than any other state. Anyone live there? I want stories.
  18. My local beer distributor has cases of LaBatts Blue pounders for $20 total.
  19. I've been gone a while, now I'm back. I love lists. Today's is... If you were on a desert island, what 5 albums would you want with a solar powered boom box? Mine. 1. Rush, Chronicles 2. Black Sabbath, We Sold our Souls for Rock and Roll. 3. Iced Earth, The Glorious Burden with Gettysburg. 4. King Diamond, Them. 5. Helloween, Keeper 2. Lets hear it folks.
  20. Doze 10 has been hijacking 7-8-8.1 pcs for 2 weeks now. Mac and Linux are getting a boat load of users as a result. My workhorse pc has a Linux hd and a Doze 7 hd in it. UEFI safe boot is off and I only use Doze for gaming. Hate to be that guy, but Linux is the wave of the future. I can draw and convert prints to DXF with the free Librecad that any Doze program can. Solidworks is much better, but at over $10,000, I'll do the extra work myself. Word, Excel, etc. Libre is just as good.
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