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  1. I am looking for wooden stocks for the Ruger Mini Thirty s the Stocks which came with the gun I purchased are not to my liking. That said In looking at Ebay and some other 'want ads' I am informed that the Ruger Mini-30 and the Mini-14 stocks are interchangeable and one will fit the other action and this seems too good to be true. Please help me with good information as I want to switch over to the wood. Thanks Griz
  2. Merry Christmas everyone and here is my sad story. I bought a Wraithmake last year. Then I read the 'bad news' commentary, Then I hear that they function well. I have also read where a modification either to the Saiga or the drum itself fixes everything. What can I do/have done to make the wraithmaker work with my Saiga 12. If this can be done to the exclusivity of using wraithmaker drums, that's fine, I'll buy a few more. Currently I am housebound with cellulitus in both legs and at 64, something of a gloomy Gus. Were it not for Wild Turkey and Percosets I would have had a b
  3. Went to the gunshow in Puyallup (Washington Arms Collectors) and saw two Wraithmakers drum magazines for sale at two booths. Did Wraithmaker correct their egregious mistakes in the drum magazines? I know I was NOT Hallucinating, although Percosets and Wild Turkey still work for me.. I heard some chatter that Wraithmaker had flattened out part of the magazine and now they function okay?. The wraithmakers had a price on their box of just under $400.00. Don't mean to stir stuff up, but I thought Wraithmaker went Bellly Up 2 years ago. -Griz
  4. Thanks every one for the info- Have any of the members dealt with a Canadian dealer called ZEFARM? Found him on the Internet, but know nothing of him[/size]
  5. Or so it seems. Anybody know where I can get a good stock for my Ruger? Not Plastic or assault type, just a wooden stock. Thanks Griz
  6. Ahhh, thanx guys, Accuracy systems it is and thanx for all the dimensional data. -Griz Is it just me or does Actos and Wild Turkey really, really, really relax you?
  7. Hi-Griz here- So I got hosed by Ruger with the wrong bore. What can be done to correct this glaring error? What can a gunsmith do to make my mini thirty operational? If Ruger has corrected the problem, can they do the work required? "If ignorance were gold, I'd be richer than Scrooge McDuck"
  8. Anybody have work done by them? Need some qualified comments. Thanx, Griz
  9. Thanx, Tony. I'll get the bore checked out as the serial number starts with 189. Would the cost to rebore the miniy thirty barrel be prohibitive? Maybe a proper barrel purchased and installed? Vicodin and Jack Daniels? Prozac and Wild Turkey -Griz
  10. I picked up a mini thirty stainless with a Fusion rifle system, after firing one at the range in Kenmore, WA. I want to add a bipod and a scope mount with rings and get some decent hicap mags for it. Any ideas, folks? Griz. PS. I've heard that russian ammo is actually larger than US 7.62 x 39. Is this true and what ammo would you recommend??
  11. Thanx everybody for the info: Scoutjoe: I won my bids on the auctions. Thanks Tokageko: My first shotgun was an Ithaca 37 police riot. It was tackhammer accurate out to 85 yards, little recoil and a joy to shoot. Wish I had it now for sentimental reasons (and the afore- mentionerd accuracy). Used to hunt with that thing and used a #5 Lincoln Log to act as a plug. Left just enough room for 3 slugs. Thanks again guys, Griz
  12. Found a distributor for Aguila 1 3/4" 12 gauge shotshells for home defense. Unfortunately I cannot find a working distributor and the one I found near my home said that Aguila only sells case lots of the 12 gauge ammo and that is wehy he won't order from them. Tried contacting Aguila without effect. So I responded in typical manner when confronted with this convoluted information. ROFHF (Rolling On Floor, Hissy Fit) Waaaaaah!! Iwannit!! I wannit NOW!! WTF WTF WTF!!! Dammit. Now Now Now!!!!!!!!!! So gaining my composure I ask Any Advice about these munitions?
  13. I've shot some of the Aguila Mini Shells through my coach gun w/o any problems. They shoot fine, but sound strange. More of a bloop than a boom. My only concern would be make sure if you shoot the slugs the shotgun is choked appropriately for them. Thanks everybody. They are listed as perfect for home defense and the ones I want are 7#4 Buck with 4#1 Buck. Both cylinders are OC
  14. By Aguila. Would they work well with my SxS coach gun? The shells are 1 3/4" long. I want them for my coach gun only as my Saiga digests 2 3/4" shells just fine.
  15. Do not understand Acronym. PIS = Piss [well I do have a real problem with incontinence and deal with it daily. DEPENDS on the solution. LIES = Mommy told me never to lie and Daddy said that if I didn't ever Lie I did not need a good memory and therefore the third grade was the best six years of my life. Which reminds me that I first met Ms. Saiga in 2006 and we started dating it was--- POW! BAM! SLAPP! BONK!! ( Griz was hit in the head repeatedly with a 12 pound carp until unconcious -ed. )
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