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  1. Google article from New York Times (Piece o crap rag, I know!) on Sept. 14 2010 concerning meeting between Secretary Gates and this jackass Anatoly Serdyukov. Apparently he was bean counter for a furniture factory in a prior life with no military experience. Married to daughter of one of Putin's cronies. Sounds like he's just yanking the Army's chain.My link
  2. Yeah, just shows they have their share of dipshit politicians as well. One interesting comment in article came from a military officer stating difficulty of filling positions/finding workers in arms industry due to low pay.
  3. FoxNews.com has lead article stating Russian defense minister wants to cease using AK 47 variants in Russian Military!
  4. I'm no great fan of KVAR, but I'm interested in adding the iron sights pictured in the ad to a shotgun I bought from Centerfire and I've already converted. In the ad it looks like the rear sight AK type just replaces factory sight and FSB goes on behind thread protector.
  5. Shotgun News has picture of SGL 12 in a KVAR ad with a rear Ak type leaf sight and FSB type front sight. Anyone know if they are selling these yet, didnt see anything on their site.
  6. New issue of Guns and Weapons has article on new AK SBR with a new railed forend have made and will be selling as an accessory. Company is called Bravo 18, website Bravo18. Anyone know anything about this company?
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