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About Me

I am generally an easy going person. I enjoy engaging in debate for the sole purpose of hearing other people's points of view. I often play the role of the Devil's advocate just to make sure that all aspects of a discussion are brought to light. I debate so that others can voice their opinion and support it, not for the sole purpose of preaching my beliefs. Do not be offended if I attack your opinion; I am simply giving you a chance to defend your beliefs. Become offended if I attack your person and make an ad-hom attack because that is when I have deviated from my intent.


I do not believe in half-assing anything. Because of this, some view me as an extremist in my views. I am an engineer and view all aspects of life in a systematic way. When you view the government as a system, as a body, there is inertia and momentum. Weak forces tugging one way or another are not going to accomplish very much. Extreme forces, however, will cause an action and motion towards the desired direction.


To this end, I am an anarchist. For those who do not understand anarchy, this implies that I am anti-leadership, not anti-law. Do I honestly propose a complete lack of government? No. The point is that people who push for the abolition of government may lay the groundwork for a minimalist government which is exactly the direction that our Federal Government needs to take. Simply calling for a scale-back is not going to accomplish as much as calling for an abolition. The Federal government needs to justify it's existence and fight for it's survival. It has overstepped it's bounds, like a pit bull turning on it's master, and needs to be put down.


I live in Arizona and I love my state. I enjoy the desert. I love natural wonders within my state's borders. I love the diversity of our population in this state as we have a considerable Native American and hispanic population. I enjoy my freedoms as there are very few state laws that limit my freedom. Almost all limitations imposed upon me come from Federal law.


As far as religion is concerned, I am primarily an eternalist. This is not so much a faith choice that I have made, but rather a consequence of how I have perceived our universe since my earliest days of remembering. Additionally I am norse-pagan when it comes to following an actual faith. The Christian God and I apparently did not get along too well, perhaps because my parents tried to raise me as a Christian while at the same time they did not actively follow the faith.

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