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    Strange question for the saiga-based-rifles forum!
  1. The grind is a real factory's fuckup. You guys are getting the export versions of saiga where such things are quite rare. On the local market here in Russia it's a real problem. 50% of all saigas from the factory are having something like that. It was a nice joke from the Izhmash several years ago. A man bought a brand new S12 from the local dealer. Being quite a busy person first time he tried it was a year after. He tried to arm it, but nothing has happened. The shell didn't go into the chamber. He removed the cover and ... everyone was totally surprised to see that his S12 has no chamber!
  2. It is the export version of Saiga. In Russia it was a long choke model (Saiga 20S), but it was factory rebuild to the short cylinder version. The barrel and the choke were cut out and the mark was changed - the older one was deleted and the new one written. I have the same one. As I see it was produced in 2006. In 2006-2007 Izhmash had a huge contract with Venezuela for long choke saigas. Seems like they produced more rifles than needed and after that converted some of them to the other versions.
  3. Guys, don't worry. Everything will be good. It's possibly just another turn of re-sharing the company. Even such idiots as our government would never bankrupt Izhmash. They've got a huge government contract and even bigger sales in civil firearms.
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