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  1. ok so the scope pictured here will fit the side rail on the Saiga 7.62x39, as is???? I know this is an old posting, but I just figured I should ask before I buy.
  2. Hello I noticed the Saiga 7.62x39 barrell length is 16". I thought legal barrell length was 18". (For State of Michigan.) Does anyone know for sure. Or is there a Flash Supressor or Muzzel brake on the market to add a few inches to the Saiga 7.62x39??
  3. Thanks Sheik, those are great suggestions. I did field strip my Saiga today, so now I can see what you mean in all you said. That hammer spring looks complicated, I'll leave that part for the gunsmith. but the firing pin should be easy to replace. Sounds like a good way to test loading by hand, to see about the misfire. So that firing pin from Tapco for a regular AK47 will probably be an exact fit for my Saiga 7.62 right? Thanks again Bleehandy
  4. Hey Thanks for the reply, Did I mention the rifle is new, I talked to a gun smith yesterday. He said it doesn't matter if it is new. may need new firing pin. But your options make more sense, cause you don't want my business. I haven't taken anything apart yet. maybe factory used too much oil, etc I'll clean it up and have another go at it. By the way is the hammer spring the firing pin spring?
  5. Hello, This is B. Lee Handy, I finally took my new Saiga 7.62 x 39 to the outdoor rifle range today. It fires great. Fairly tight groups at 50 yards without a scope. BUT, I'm getting some misfires. When I compare the fired round shells with the misfired rounds I notice the firing pin is not indenting the misfired rounds as much as the fired rounds. Is anyone familiar with this problem?? Firing Pin Spring?
  6. Hey thanks alot, I really appreciate it!
  7. The usual, flash supressors, different stocks (with pistol grip, etc.) different capacity magazines. And if so where?
  8. Has anyone purchased accessories for their Saiga 7.62x39. If so what is out there. I know there are alot of AK47 accessories out there, are they interchangeable with the Saiga?
  9. Ok can anyone update me on the gun-rifle laws in michigan. I haven't checked in awhile, or know where to check. I remember a few years ago they stupid restrictions on flash suppressors, or large magazines or certain combinations. So are 10 round magazines legal? I suppose if hunting you can only use 5 round magazine, right? If anyone has a list of current gun laws in michigan would you let me know how to find them. Thanks
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