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  1. sawx75 Are you in Mass? IS the 922r legal in Mass? Not sure what the 922r means to States like "ASSACHUSETTS and NY", so, can someone explain. If the 922r converted saiga is legal in Mass, maybe I will convert. Sigbear
  2. I am more than sure about some, maybe not all AR15's, Got 2 buddies that bought 1 Bushmaster/1 DPMS new with 30 round mags, also, I went to a local gun shop and negotiated for a new Bushmaster w/30 round mag. The price was $999, couldn't work out a better price so I left the can where it sat. Sigbear
  3. Mass laws are kinda strange, I can buy a new AR15 with 30 round mags, but not new AK's. go figure. Sigbear
  4. Is there anyplace in Massachusetts where I can buy a new converted Saiga? I can buy the saiga sporter, not sure about the convert (SGL21). Does the 922r conversion make the gun Massachusetts legal? I really dont want to buy a sporter and do the conversion, just want to buy it done. Sigbear
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