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  1. Yes, this is the part. After much thought, I decided to leave this part alone and just replace the front hand guard. Thanks all for your help.
  2. Tapco doesn't make the law, they just make the junk we have to use to abide by it. First off, what, exactly is the part you're referring to? Please let us know and we can provide more insight. Thanks for your response. The item is a Tapco, "Saiga Rifles Gas Piston." This is the part that screws into the bolt on Saiga rifles. After rading many,many posts, it seems that most think this part is crap anyway. I guess my real question is, If I replace the foregrip on my Saiga .308 with an American made grip, can I legally use extended magazines? Thanks again.
  3. Preying on the ignorant is a millenia old sales technique. In this case, with a potential federal felony as a result of said ignorance, it just ain't funny. I use the manufacture product description when I list an item for sale. They have changed their description so it does not say 922 compliant now. I was not Preying on the ignorant. I do not do business that way. I have pulled them for my website. No reason to change this part if does not count. Greg I am hoping that you can she more light on this topic. I purchased a Tapco gas rod for my Saiga .308 rifle before I read this post. I went to the Tapco website and they still list this item as 922r compliant. It appears that they did not change their site afterall. In your opinion, is this item 92r or not? Thanks.
  4. Help!! I am a new forum member and a new owner of a Saiga .308 sporter rifle with a 16" barrel. I must admit that after reading and re-reading the posts, I am totally confused on the 922r requirements. In a nutshell, it appears that if I want to use 20 round magazines with my Saiga, I need to replace a part with a USA made part. This being said, I ordered a gas rod from a good, on-line store. The add says that the part counts as 1, 922r replacement part. After receiving the part, I saw on multiple threads (this forum) that this in not true after all, and Tapco is going to remove the statement from their website. So, what can I do, as a minimum, to be compliant with extended magazines? Can I just replace the forward handguard? Is that enough. I like my rifle and I am really not interested in putting on pistol grips or moving the trigger and etc. I admit that I am not knowledgeable about the subject and thus need your help. This forum is great and I thank you for the opportunity to read and learn from your posts!!!! Cheers
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