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  1. Sold off my Saiga-12 so I need to get rid of the mags. Selling: 6 10rd AGP Gen2 magazines in new unused condition, 1 10rd AGP Gen2 magazine used (1 range session), and 1 Russian 5rd used . The AGP mags are stamped with 2009 & 2011 dates if that is of importance for possession. All 8 magazines for $245 shipped Priority Mail You can check my references on the board, on Gunbroker (Tony44), or on eBay (Tonyd44) Payment by Check, MO, electronic payment (+3.5%), or electronic gift payment fee free Contact me at: Tony44@gmail.com First to post "I'll take it" gets it.
  2. I was in on the initial Atlantic order that included the free mag. I have two buddies who had the mag shipped to them but so far my mailbox has been empty. I know you guys are probably swamped but I'm just wondering if you guys are caught up sending those out or if I got missed for some reason.
  3. I have two home converted S-12s and have been away from the forum for a while. I'm thinking of selling one of mine (worth more now than what I'm in for it) and getting the Tactical one with the folding stock from Atlantic. With what's included on the Tactical one, is the price good? Thanks for any advice.
  4. Will be getting one of those, thank you for the info. Just ordered my conversion kit from you guys but will be placing another order soon.
  5. Looking to upgrade my Tapco Saiga 12 hand guards with something aluminum. I would prefer ones that only require basic installation. Nothing that needs more than a screw driver/allen key. No grinding off of sights or drilling of holes. Would also like to keep cost under $100. Thanks for any leads.
  6. I have some left over Saiga 12 parts from my conversion. Instead of tossing them in the trash I'll offer them up here in case someone has a need ** SPF ** 1 x factory butt stock (new takeoff) 1 x factory butt stock (used, decent shape) ** SPF ** 1 x factory hand guard (used, decent shape) ** Just asking shipping via USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate box. Butt stocks will fit (I think) in a $11 box. Hand guards should fit in the $6 box. I might be able to fit two or three in one $11 box but don't hold me to that. I'll pick up said boxes from post office to confirm sizing. Let me know.
  7. Looks like he's new to the forum but I had an excellent and speedy transaction with him. No problems whatsoever.
  8. Selling two used but not abused no modification/gunsmithing pistol grip stocks for use on a Saiga 12. Both these stocks allow you to have a pistol grip stock without having to move the trigger guard/parts. Details on both are below. 1) ACE SKELETON SET as seen here: Saiga Stock 1 Stock also folds to the left. Used, looks good, with a couple of touched up nicks from use (nothing offensive). Comes with the mounting screws. $85 shipped SOLD 2) TAPCO COLLAPSIBLE INTRAFUSE BLACK as seen here: Saiga Stock 2 Used. Works great and doesn't have any offensive handling marks. Used this one on my Saiga for about 200rds before I did my conversion. Comes with the mounting screws. $35 shipped. SOLD You can check my references on the board (or as Tony44 on AR15.com, Glocktalk), on Gunbroker (Tony44), or on eBay (Tonyd44) Payment by Check, MO, or electronic payment (+3.5%) Contact me at: Tony44@gmail.com First "I'll take it." posted gets it
  9. I would also like to know what real world durability is.
  10. Tweaking my S12 with a Gunfixer plug and different ammo. Ideally, how far should my S12 be ejecting shells to be in the sweet spot?
  11. Is S&B really weak stuff? I was wondering why the recoil was so mild. What are some decently priced slug brands?
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