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  1. rover747

    uavepr 009

    looks cool !!! how u do trigger ?
  2. Namsag ,i got it today ,looks good ,but i don't install it yet ,i am going to paint it to FDE or Tan color .Just place order over his website ,and keep writing emails till you get tracking number .In general it wasn't bad ,i order at Jan 27 ,and got package today at Feb 5 ,so it is not bad at all .
  3. Well Well if is get crack already ,they should replace it .Do you try contact them ?
  4. according to tracking number ,it should arrive tomorrow Now i am looking at Steyr Aug and Tavor Already got on pre order for Steyr ,but chances is slim ,too many people in front of me .
  5. me too )) according to tracking number it should arrive this coming monday .
  6. Tracking number start working .woo hooo ))
  7. i will wait till monday to see what happen
  8. no problem ,i just need to get this damn stock from them he email me tracking number today ,but tracking number is not working ,so we see if i need to call my CC company to file dispute .
  9. I born in russia ,you r right ) ,but right now i live in seattle ,WA . Funny thing ,when i wrote him email few days ago ( after i place order ) , he said it will be ship wensday or friday .So wensday is pass by ,and i ask him again today ,if he will ship it friday .He said ,he will email trk . number after he ship it ,but never confirm it will be friday .So i guess ,none in stock right now.
  10. i wrote email ,and i just got email back where he said my order should ship this wensday or friday .I guess ,i will wait till friday
  11. what you meant "WOW " ? i got screw up already ?
  12. Hi guys !!! few days i place order with Kush website . But after i saw bunch of people had problem with company as shipping goes .Is anybody know ,if they actually have them in stock ? Them phones is on voice mail ,no life person . I am wonder if anybody recently place order on them website and how long is took to get one ? Thank you !
  13. Yep i am very sure they will fix ,no doubt .Damn this topic is already on second page .I am stop posting till tuesday ,no point to go further ,otherwise we may ended up on third page .
  14. I get the idea he really doesnt know much about anything that is going on. just imo Chevyman , I run online business for last 7 years ,and i do know how usps works,they have most shitty service,reason why i use only fedex or ups ,because of them reliability,and i always do buy insurance ,if product cost more than $100 ,because ups or fedex will give you free insurance below $100 ,usps don't .I am not saying MAA don't ship product ,they did ship it promptly,but usps never deliver it to me .Even if tracking says it is been delivered ,but i never got it .In my understanding MAA should have bo
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