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  1. First things first, welcome to the forum, secondly move from Calif. its a communist state when it comes to gun control. Lots of knowledgeable people on the forum to help you. happy trails TGUNN Thanks TGUNN Believe me when I get the chance, Im gone!
  2. Vertical front grips are still legal as far as I know. Ive been trying to figure it out, but from what I've gathered you cant have a VFG on any pistol style weapon (AR-15 pistol) and it also counts as a point so long as you stay within the 922R compliance you should be fine. Someone let me know if I'm wrong, I would be really bummed as I bought a VFG not to long ago to go with my Chaos extended quad. In california the vertical front grip on a shotgun is legal and i have one. most people (including the supervisor at shooting ranges sometimes) confuse that sb23 prohibits rifles with remov
  3. Hello Everyone, Im new to this forum and to Saigas. This would also be my first shotgun. I bought it from Peach State Guns (Great Dealer) and did all my paperwork yesterday. 10 days from now I should have my Saiga. Anybody from California here, that can tell me what I can do with my shotgun. Such as conversions and acessories? Who has the best 10rd. mags? Price range?
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