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  1. At work...with a sinus headache...looking for the legendary needle in a haystack.

  2. I was thinking about adding a bipod and just wondered how that will change the POI with added pressure on the barrel, etc. Guess the best way would be to try it though. Thx.
  3. Is there such a beast as a free float tube to install in place of the handguard? Thx.
  4. Ok, so why not get the v21, which is already converted, add the Choate Dragunov stock and forearm with rail underneath instead of getting the S308 and paying to have it converted? I can buy the v21 for approx $100 over the S308. The only other expense I would be out to get the Saiganov look is for furniture, muzzle hardware, gas piston and FCG. Thoughts? I am just trying to build this for as little as possible. Thanks again for the assistance.
  5. Can you get after market butt stocks to fit the receiver on the v21? Thx.
  6. I am a Saiga noob but not an AK noob as I own both a WASR and a PolyTech both in x39. I am curious to know the diffs between the S308 and the S308 V21. The 21 looks to have the receiver cut off at an angle but the conversion is already done. If I am wanting a good guerilla sniper / hunter, what would you recommend as the rifle to start with as my foundation? Also, is it safe to assume that the Saiga's in 308 and the 12ga shotguns are as reliable as my AK rifles in x39? Thanks in advance.
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