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  1. Has anyone used this Bulgarian Stock from K-VAR? I would like to see a picture of what it looks like on a rifle.
  2. Well sadly for the original buyer he lives in California and I ended up having to refund him his money. So the rifle is once again available!! But not to residents of California.!
  3. I've read some stuff that seemed to indicate that the reason that 6.8 isn't taking off in the AR world is that the heavier grain 5.56 is performing better.
  4. BTT Also, I'll be away from real internet access until Thursday. So if anyone IM's me about this I can't reply until then.
  5. P.M Sent. One thing I forgot to mention was that it also has the Tapco G2 trigger. Pistol Grip and Stock are both US.
  6. RAA Saiga Scope Mount. Accepts optics with 1" tube. $25 + actual shipping costs.
  7. Here's a PK-01 Russian Red Dot. I estimate to have put around 60 rounds down range with this on my Saiga. My firm price is $100 + shipping costs.
  8. Well, mark this down as something I'm going to regret later but there are some other firearm purchases I want to make before the November elections so I'm selling my Saiga and thought I would give fellow forum members a shot at it before it goes on Gunbroker. Obviously, you must be legally able to purchase firearms in your state. I will transfer this to my local FFL and have him mail it to yours. This is a EAA Saiga that I've owned for a few years now. I've probably put about 600 rounds down range through it. I've cleaned it after every range trip. There is a bullet guide installed
  9. I picked up this scope from Kalinka Optics a while back and I soon after decided that I wanted to go with a red dot instead. I don't think I ever got to shooting with it. Here's a link to the website: http://www.kalinkaoptics.com/detail.aspx?ID=100 They want $109.97 plus shipping. I'd like to get $75.00 shipped to you.
  10. I shoot lefty so I can't use the thumbhole stock model and Centerfire is backordered on their std .308 Saiga.
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