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  1. actually doves are migratory birds regulated by federal law. Fed's say 3 rounds only in the US. I bought my saiga just so that I could carry it deer hunting. I killed a deer with it last fall.
  2. I specifically bought my saiga to carry deer hunting. I shot a deer this fall with mine. I was also thinking about using it for turkey hunting this spring. I haven't converted mine yet but I have always wanted a pistol gripped shotgun for turkey hunting. My hand gets tired of holding a nonpistol gripped shotgun waiting on a turkey to come in.
  3. Are there any vendors that have AGP 10 round mags in stock?
  4. How is that PK-A so far as the cheek weld? Do you need a riser?
  5. Thanks for the replies and the welcome. I have been reading everything I can and think I want a PK-A sight. East Wave has them for under $200. That is about what I am ok spending. I really like the one piece sights but I guess I could go with a mount/sight combo but would rather not. I like the kobra on my 5.45 but I think I have read that the 12 will cause it problems. By the way my saiga 12 worked fine right out of the box. It shoots point of aim with slugs. It had trouble with winchester light loads but after around 12 shells it now will cycle them.
  6. I want a red dot sight for my saiga 12 that will work without an added rail. I have a kobra but I think I read not to use it on this shotgun as it can't take the recoil. I also want to make sure it mounts low enough that I don't need a cheek rest. What red dot do I want? I intend to use this for shooting slugs at deer.
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