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  1. So I've got two V12's and I want to clean them before testing at the range. What is every one using as a solvent? I read (on here?) that I can't use Break Free Powder Blast on my SGL21, it will strip the paint off. CLP is the way to go. Is this the case with Vepr 12's?
  2. No idea. Looked nice and clean, but then again I'm stuck in a basement with improper lighting and improper working environment (sold my home and am living in the future-in-laws house til we find a house). I shot some Rem Oil in and everything is fine.
  3. I was cleaning my gun tonight. Pressed down on the gas plug detent pin to screw in the Tac47 Autoplug and it's jammed in there. Any ideas on how to get it out? With it stuck in the depressed position, the Autoplug will spin til tight, but not be lined up properly, obviously. I tried tapping on the side of the block next to the detent pin to try and knock it free, but no luck.
  4. Damn. Damn, damn, damn. An easily-achieved 030 look was where I was going with this...
  5. How much would a gunsmith charge?
  6. I just searched the site and while I can find some stuff on barrel threading, I can't find anything on cutting the barrel down. Anybody got a tutorial cooked up or point me toward some info?
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