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  1. Del Mar gun show is coming up, do you think that any dealers will have any on hand? I live in SD too, have you checked out Parallax Tactical up in miramar? I know for sure they have those featureless grips. I was just there on Saturday picking up my S12. Hey sorry for the late reply, thanks for the heads-up on Parallax Tactical, I heard of the place but had no idea that they had a Saiga on the rack there? That place was so close to the base I just thought it was all 223 stuff. Went up there and have to admit the store as well as the merchandise was top notch. thanks again.
  2. OK...So far I went with "El Cheapo" quadrail ($40) as well as the detatchable scope mount ($40) from Amazon, and a red dot from Big5 (Barska m16) for $70. Headed to the range on saturday, will see if mount & scope hold target and will work on a stock change in the future.
  3. Del Mar gun show is coming up, do you think that any dealers will have any on hand?
  4. Truth be told it's getting bad everywhere, I'll take what I can get for right now sucky as it is, I need my job and well to honest San Diego ain't that bad of a place. We have a huge Military presence that at least keeps the AR guys happy. "Colorado should BEWARE that Denver Police maintain they can SEIZE your house or your vehicle if they find a centerfire magazine in your house or vehicle that holds over 21 rounds of centerfire ammo !!!" Thanks for the link... That grip has me scratching my head? Is it legal?
  5. A definite no on the pistol grip and the flash suppressor, but got to keep that mag just the way it is Do you happen to know the length on that stock? It's gives no detail on there site, thanks.
  6. Found this from them, got to find out length but kinda along the lines of what I'm looking for. http://www.k-var.com/shop/product.php?productid=16954&cat=283&page=3
  7. Nope... But want to get the ball rolling on my build, will look at them ASAP! Just bummed at the options I have, but I know that the market out there will work out the supply and demand thing on these for Cal. residents.
  8. I bought one recently from a local shop, would like to change out the buttstock but I know it cannot fold or change length if I want to keep it up to Cal. specs. Anybody out there know of a decent mod that is sold out there in order to change the look but yet stay legal?
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