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  1. Yeah the Herter's was pretty cheap plus the $5 shipping over $100 and now $20 off over $150 but I was getting charged tax so military shooters had the best deal. they need to open a freakin Cabelas in Houston.
  2. 500 rds of brown bear FMJ on military shooters for $113.44 w/ shipping, 22.6/rnd. not too shabby.
  3. In factory form, the Saiga has 14 parts. If you use a magazine that hold over 10 rounds or a pistol grip, you will need to become 922r compliant. A magazine is 3 parts and you could switch the forearm or piston out for 1 more. If you add a pistol grip to the gun, it will then have 15 parts and you will need 5 to be compliant. If you have added a pistol grip, then add a muzzle attachment, you are at 16 parts, like standard ak's. well it has the RAA skeleton stock, which to my understanding doesn't go against 922r since some were imported with it. Still deciding on which component I shoul
  4. Well the next step is definitely to take it to the range and see how it shoots with it. If it's good I'll pick up a few US made AK mags, otherwise I'll get a couple US made saiga mags. Now I've done a fair bit of research on this, but I'm still not sure - these rifles only need 4 US made parts to be 922r compliant? What is the cheapest and easiest component to replace for the 4th part?
  5. Well I'll be buying a couple US made mags for three US parts, I've read conflicting info about how many parts we need to replace, and what the cheapest way is besides the magazine.
  6. There is no bullet guide. Doesn't necessarily mean the mag catch has been filed down though, and I can't really tell if it's been filed or not.
  7. Picked up a 7.62x39 earlier, did plenty of research before hand. My question is - does it looks like it's been modified to take ak mags? I couldn't really find any detailed pics of ak or saiga mags, or of the little catch lever the mags hook on to. Hopefully one of you guys can help me. The mag does fit a little loose.
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