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  1. There are enough people that would willingly give there weapons up, but on the other side the people that it would piss off, let's just say that all the law enforcement doesn't have enough personal to get them back . But like Perc said is that it would grandfather over and I believe that you are not allowed to sell it, just "Gift" it at that point.
  2. $200! Nice. If they come knocking on my door I'll tell them I sold it on Craigslist. If they have a warrant to search it just won't be at my place that day. They aren't taking my guns. But even if they ban them we will probably get grandfathered in so I wouldn't worry too much. PostsOnPercocet, There are supposed to be safes that fit into 2x4 framing(walls) do that and hang up a mirror. Now I know this may not have to deal w/ the ATF study b/c it will be made here, but has anyone herd anything about the Kel-tec 12ga bullpup?
  3. That is what you might see/hear as RAA, which from what I've heard has halted importing b/c of the ATF study, Now its supposed to be a company out of louisville,ky called Mercury-Herms, in which my .223 is from but the thing about it is that apperntly the Mercury-Herms rifles/shotguns are stamped "Legion" which for those who does not know is the custom shop for Izhmash. Now what that mean I dont have a clue b/c no one can tell me lol
  4. Should be "stamped on the left side, the pic is of my .223 thoughLower right side of the picture my 223 is from Mercury-Herms "Leigon"
  5. I do agree with you, However, I believe that even if they don't care about what we think and do what they want anyway's, Damn it at least we made our voices herd.
  6. Thats what I cant really stand is people like you PostsOnPercocet, I agree w/ most of what you sad, but saying it's not worth giving the ATF your opinion "Also, you're wasting your time writing to them with your opinion" I think is bullshit!!! So we should all sit back and do nothing but bitch on forums? Then we should go a head and tell the NRA we don't want them b/c they don't matter! Even though they may not chose to take our opinions damn well they will know what we think! PostsOnPercocet you said "They will restrict our rights more and more until we decided we are done bitching on the In
  7. No, not yet... unless these rumors continue to be propogated. I say let's all just calm down a bit, take a few cleansing breaths, and STOP PANIC BUYING. The market will stabilize provided the BATF stops F-ing with us. That's if they stop. I doubt they will. It's a "destructive device" OGGAAA BOOGGGAAA!!!!! Think about it. They banned the sweeper and stryker and they only had 12 round drums. That MD20 sorta mighta screwed us. I mean, there is a pic of it right on the study.... Please understand what this is really about!!!! Go to ATF.gov and read it for yourself!!! I
  8. Try to find Promags that are broke b/c the factory mags follower and plate is so much better, just use the ProMag "housing" and spring.
  9. I got my Saiga 12 about a year ago form the chepest Saiga supplier I've ever been able to find for about 350/370 even now there only like 450 (Just got a 223 Mercury-Herms LEAGON for 350 about 2 mnths ago) but since RRA stoped importing them (my understanding) It's hard right now But sinse apperently Mercury-Herms stepped in it will take a lil bit to resupply the market. And you all are so right about gun show prices! However, I did find a dealer that had Sig 250'l 9mm &40 for 380 "out the door (around here Florence, KY) a sig 9 starts at 500, So there are still some deals to get
  10. Corbin, I'll have to pass, let DJ Big Dog have dibbs, I'm going to listen to Mike38 and try a Sure Fire mag. Thanks for the offer!
  11. I was at a "Gun Show" In Lexington, Ky yesterday and the price's were THRU the roof!!!! One booth had a 12 w/ a cheap forward and bi pod and wanted 900 the second one was a 12 with the fcg and a cheap forward and bi pod and the woman said it was CUSTOM b/c of the fcg and wanted 1,900 f-ing dollars!!! The reasons are that the ATF (My Take on it)is basically doing research on shotguns so Apparently RAA Has stopped importing so everyone is freaking out and these A holes are raising their prices!!! But what these people don't know is that Mercury-Herms in Louisville, Ky is importing them right NOW
  12. Has anyone herd about or used any of these King Armory replacement barrel?
  13. Whaen you post on a topic on the left where it gives the posters info how do you get a pic to show up? Thanks
  14. I don't mean to just jump in, but what does changing out the gas block help or benefit?
  15. Never stepped on it lol. I just couldn't believe this out of a mag that was only shot thru twice.It still loads the full 30 but I'm not sure about feeding reliability.
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