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  1. I wouls like some opinions on which 308 conversion parts yall have used , liked , disliked , or recommend to a newbie to saiga rifles. Thanks
  2. Has anybody removed the rear sight block from their 308? If so is there any way to acquire a new rear sight leaf? I think that i can clean up where the previous owner of my 308 gaffed up the sight block, the holes for the leaf are not damaged. I think this is the way im going to have to go since i cannot find anything close to a replacement rear sight block, Im kinda being a sticklers for having the original equipment before i start converting this rifle. Though if anyone knows of anyone making a rear sight block to replace the factory block. Thanks any info would be great Casey
  3. Hey thanks for all the good info , looking forward to looking into all the good advice
  4. Hey guys, I am new to this forum and new to my Saiga 308. I purchased it for next to nothing and it works flawlessly but would like to make it better. I have a few questions that i need more info about since i have never owned any rifle of this type. 1. What advantage does the "conversion" provide? 2. In regards to muzzle brakes/ flash hiders which is best threaded or pinned on 3. What is the part called where the factory rear sight is mounted, the rear leaf on mine is broken off, like i said next to nothing paid for it, can this be replace or fixed? 4. 922r compliance this firearm
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