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  1. Could you please take a picture of the hammer? I am wondering if it is the same model as mine, as I have seen two different types of tapco g2 hammers.


    Yes, I noticed there is two kinds of Tapco G2's


    I got this one. You can see the curvature on the hammerface in this picture, it's not perfectly flat.






    Then there is this one



  2. I took apart and inspected my saiga 223 after a range session and I noticed that the rear of the bolt (where the hammer strikes the firing pin) has been deformed. I noticed that the Tapco g2 hammer face has a rounded hammer face to it, and is not flat.


    Now the "butt" of the bolt has an inward bulge/ deformation to it that matches the rounded hammerface of the G2.


    What can I do to correct this, or is this not a big deal at all?

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