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  1. Rem 2 3/4 00buck in a MD20 should solve any problem I care to get involved in.19 rounds in the drum and bolt closed on an empty chamber, I figure the bear trap sound of a S12 action slamming a round in to the chamber is scarier than any pump gun.
  2. I am running the same trigger group on a newly converted saiga and just tried to make the safety trip the trigger with no luck, it just stops when it hits the trigger assembly. Like those above have said I don't think its an issue unless you intend to shoot the gun with the cover off.
  3. Mine does the same thing. I notice that the S12 safety travels up much farther than the one on my SAR-1 to the point that it slips off the top of the receiver like you describe. I think its due to the way it contacts the dust cover. I have taken to sitting on the couch watching a movie and working the safety through that spot and wearing it in. It seems to have improved a bit, hope that helps.
  4. I'm new to the S-12 as well, just got mine a month or so ago. I have been shooting for years and they do take some getting used to. Once you get the drum fitted well and the gun up and running nothing will be able to get the silly grin off your face!
  5. Nice work! Thanks for listing the GEAR sling mount in your build list. I have been looking at various rail sling mounts for my work in progress and that seems to be just the ticket.
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