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  1. sofageorge, the best long range bullets (for accuracy) are the super slick low drag bullets such as berger makes. The onese with the highest ballistic coeficients. The plastic tips such as Hornady Amax are also in that league. Used to be that all low drag type bullets were made with solid bases - with the opening a the nose, thus the hollowpoint - that's kinda outa date now...


    As to a Saiga .308 for 500 shots, my carbine has given me 1.5" groups at 100 yards with PSOP scope and a "random" handload. I am quite sure I can beat that with handloads taylored to this particular Saiga using a better quality bullet. Staying within 10" at 500 yards would be quite easy as long as the wind is doped correctly.

  2. Wow, thought this looked familiar! :lol:


    Still say that the answer is a S308 with ammo it likes. I now have a 16" S308 that shoots 1.5" 100 groups with "general" handloads - not tuned to the rifle. That's plenty good for hits at 500 yards. No, not the best tool for the job - but as stated way long ago, that wasn't the OP's question now was it? :D

  3. PG = pistol grip. You need the special nut for the screw. http://dpharms.com/ak47-kits-c-22.html


    Suggest reading this before you start if you haven't already: Saiga conversion tutorial (OK, so this is old - ancient history, don't let the use of end mill bits and such disuade you - not neccesary at all) - watching this conversion video right now and it seems good so far...


    I just cut the "tail" off of the trigger guard that came on mine - and bent it in a little - to fit.


    Here's a pic of mine:



  4. Well, if you're flinching.... thats probably the cause of your larger groups.... doncha think? ;)


    I would suggest putting a slip-on recoil pad on there to help with that. Also, I don't know what trigger you have - this is a pg conversion, so you used something - I like my Red Star/ Power Customs trigger a lot - I have it adjusted to a clean-brake, single action and it makes accurate shooting much easier than a long or stagey trigger.

  5. Second the recrown. Brownells sells a kit for not too much that cuts a 45 degree chamfer in your muzzle - the terminus of the rifling is what you need uniform and affects accuracy. You get the little cutter kit and then a .308" pilot that goes into it - you can get all kinds of sizes of pilots and use this for many rifles.


    You should be getting 2" and less at 100 yards with a Saiga .308 - that's what both of mine have done - 22 and 16" models.


    As to the fsb cant, I would just knock the retention pin out, place the fsb in a padded vice and rotate it to straighten and then drill a new hole through the retention pin hole in the base and re-insert the pin. This is what I've done with several AK's and it works.

  6. I have installed a Tapco T6 stock on my Saiga 308 and now I need some help. The trigger pulls up and back and I need it to pull stright back. What kind of trigger or Fire control group can I install to improve the trigger pull? I really want to keep the receiver in orignal condition so a drop in type of solution would be nice.




    You installed a pistol grip stock? That is what I think you are saying... to my knowledge, there is no drop-in fcg that will maintain the stock trigger configuration. All of the replacement fcg's are for standard AK configured receivers.


    I personally would return the stock and do a standard pistol grip conversion. You are finding out that you create more problems trying to avoid the conversion than just doing it... that or just be happy with the issue buttstock. IMHO

  7. Just thought I'd post this pic of my Saiga 308 with all of her newest clothes on:




    Converted of course with:


    Tapco T-6 stock

    Tapco Saw grip

    windage adjustable rear sight

    FBMG 20 round mag

    Red Star fcg

    Can't remember the sling make - but it's got a skinny tab on the end that fits Saigas.


    This is about what I consider to be the perfect 308 carbine. Especially for the money. I'd put this up against any other similar rifle for accuracy, reliablity, durability, weight and versatility.

  8. I'd get the .223 NOW! Before they are snapped up - these are moving fast right now.


    If you use US-made high cap mags you will be 922r legal. 1-barrel, 2-trunion, 3-receiver, 4,5&6 fire control group, 7,8 &9 bolt, carrier and piston. The buttstock can be us or imported to make a 10th countable part.


    But man, the .223 is a piece of cake to convert - the G-2 fcg drops in. I would do that immediately myslef and get a bunch of high cap mags like surefires - at least 7.

  9. Yeah, its going to be tough to find one under $500 at this time. I would just look keep looking around - check gunbroker for new listings a couple times a day too - but they all seem to be going for well over $500 and no buy nows under that either. I know I've seen these for sale in the mid $400's but don't recall where.


    ETA: Here they are at Atlantic: http://www.atlanticfirearms.com/beta/storeproduct455.aspx


    $559... I would strongly suggest getting one sooner than later. Do check around everywhere you can think of - do a google, etc. but if you can't find em any cheaper, I wouldn't wait. And you need mags too.


    Things have definately gone up in price - but then I don't think the value will go down any time soon either....

  10. I just had mine to the range a couple weeks ago and shot some Federal blue box 150 grain sp loads - basic, hunting ammo.


    I had the TC 4x scope installed (this is intended for muzzle loaders but works great on an AK - compact) and I printed 1.5", 3 shot and 2", 5 shot groups with it.


    It's a 16" conversion - here's a pic:




    and here's the scope mount that I use - very solid and mounts low:




    I can't say how this compares to the M1A as I don't own one... but I can say that this rifle is good for 500 yards easy - mechanical 7.5" group at that range with off the shelf hunting ammo... should be able to keep them inside 12" at that range.


    Surprised nobody linked to this - its the Youtube vid that was referred to - really good - he's got many others on Saiga conversion as well. I recommend checking it out.


    I have the BHO installed on both my .223 and .308 Saiga conversions - neither are done up as a traditional AK anyway and then there's the empty slot if you don't put it in....

  12. Thanks for the quick reply. I'm seriously looking into converting now. I want to replace the butt-stock, add a pistol grip, and I guess replace the FCG. I was reading earlier that the Tapco G2 fcg works well, but which one? The single of double hook? I'm also considering getting the Tapco furniture. I've got the tools and have studied the modifications necessary and agree it's doesn't look complicated at all. As far as mags go, I'll just use the Surefires and avoid adding a feed ramp.


    This is exactly the work I plan for my .223. The piece of info I am missing is how the replacement stocks (traditional, not folding or modified) compare in size to the factory. The Tapco Dark Earth stock and SAW grip are in my budget, but I can't seem to find out how the buttstock compares with the one that would be replaced. Anyone?


    The "standard" AK stocks both "wasaw pact" and "nato" length are shorter than the issue stocks. This is because of the trigger placement being much further forward on standard AK's and the converted Saiga.


    Just look at the pics and you'll see.







  13. The 223 outclasses the 5.45 in just about every measurable way in terms of performance. The waay cheap 5.45 is not in global demand for a reason.


    The 5.56x45 does outperform the 5.45x39 by a small margin, but not really that much - not that would really matter IMHO. The reason that it's on the way out is that it is a product of the old soviet union. If we had fallen instead of them, then the 5.45 would be the one increasing in usage right now...


    It is general consensus among the gun nuts on the boards that the 5.45x39 is THE best buy in milsurp ammo right now - $120 per 1080 round can is too good not to take advantage of. The cheapest .223 is twice that...


    Well worth getting a 74 clone if you don't have one... and want to stock up on some ammo - which is advisable if you want to be able to enjoy a reasonable range session from time to time (shoot a couple hundered rounds and get in some good practice) - or for more serious reasons.


    Tantal is a good rifle - nothing special in terms of desgin, just a quality 74 clone with an effecient brake.




    Oh and if that sounds like I'm saying to get the tantal over the saiga (and convert it), I'm not - I would suggest getting both! :D

  14. That's exactly what I did - and either Tapco G-2 fcg will work fine - just your preferrence. The buttstocks are just "drop in" as are the pistol grips.


    You may be interested in this youtube vid - this guy did a series of these and they are very good IMHO.


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