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  1. Is the upper handguard held in place using a standard ak gas tube or does it attach to to the lower hadguard so we use the standard saiga gas tube?


    From what I read on page one, "no mods" means standard saiga gas tube. Pics seem to show the upper attached to lower HG, which itself bolts to the lower HG retainer cuts on the barrel.


    That's what I figured based on the first coments but didn't see a spot where they bolt together in the rendering, so figured I might as well ask

  2. 1. Tons of options


    2. Recoil really isn't bad. Unles your under 100 lbs or buying for your wife/girlfriend I think you'll be just fine.


    Before I ever shot an ak I thought there would be more recoil than ther really is. 7.62x39 really isn't that big or a found and the action absorbs a lot of the rcoil


    3. Ak mags look bad ass!!!!!!

  3. Do you have any pics of it on your rifle/s12? Does the bottom rail extend all of the way to therear of the handguard? The only thing that threw me off was the afg looks to be mounted at the rear of the handguard but the css pics make it look like the bottom rail is only on the front half of the handguard.


    What's the R in rvg?

  4. I bought an MI rail with the US palm upper, and a Primary Arms red dot. I've never had the Ultimak setup.


    My entire setup cost about what the Ultimak lower rail costs, and that's including the Primary arms optic. I ran it hard at an action rifle match last weekend, and it did not let me down. The optic on the MI setup is not on the gas tube, and stays at nearly ambient temps. I get a lower 1/3rd ish co-witness.


    So far so good.


    Is your lower 1/3rd co-witness similar to the pic bohound posted? I've never used a red dot but am considering one down the road. I think I might prefer something like that over having the red dot perfectly placed rear sight (I'm asuming this is considered a perfect co-witness)


    It just seems to me it'd be easier and quicker to get on target if u can completely see your red dot and not take the chance of it getting hidden behind your rear sight if your off right or left.


    But, like I said I've never used one so Everyone with experience please let me know if you agree or I'm nuts.

  5. I feel like I'm a little late on this thread but I'm with the majority that says buy the saiga now! If moneys an issue (which it is for about 99% of us) keep it in its sporting form (since u said u liked that) or do a simple conversion. Pg, stock, and fcg can be converted for around $75 with good parts. Switch to wood furnature, add a bullet guide, and do your front end as you get to it.


    Cost of this shouldn't be too far off from a wasr and you'll be getting what u ultimately want from the begining. Also, since u can keep the fcg and black plastic pg like a wasr he only thing extra you'll be spending $ on is the stock if u replace it with wood down the road.

  6. I've seen an ar with ar with a magnified scope mounted on top and a red dot mounted up front on the right side of a quad or tri rail. It seemed like a pretty sweet and effective set-up! Especially for an ar. That can reach out a bit farther and really take advantage of the magnified scope as well as red dot..


    I think this is similar to what dr thunder mentioned but possibly even better bc the forward mounted red dot on the right side of the quad rail.


    I think I saw it on a you tube review of a dpms????

  7. Just wondering if anyone's ever. Tried or heared of anyone attaching rails to their gas tube. Kinda like a home made ultimak? I'm assuming the gas tube is just not stable enough to hold a zero, but mines pretty damn tight. I know I've read of people attatching peep sights to their dust covers and even seen covers for sale with a rail attached. ,ost that I've seen for sale seem pretty cheap but I think I've seen threads where people seem happy with tthier home attached peep sights.


    What would be the best way to attach? weld? bolt?

  8. Does anyone have any suggestions on where I can find some cheap wood furniture for my 7.62x39? I'm thinking something surplus would prob be the way to go since 922r parts count isn't an issue. I'm just having trouble tracking any down.


    I appreciate any and all suggestions. Thanks!


    Also, I plan to sand and refinish it so poor condition is acceptable

  9. I'm looking at converting my saiga (7.62x39) gas tube to a traditional ak gas tube with the upper hand guard. Are they the same length? I know the saiga has the 90 degree gas block vs the 45 degree ak block.


    Do i need any specific models gas tube? Are there any that won't fit?

  10. Check out:




    If you don't want corrosive, the website shows that you can get Ulyanovsk (same as Wolf Military Classic) for $179.99/1000 from 2 different vendors (one that most people avoid these days). Gun-Deals' shipping calculator is usually higher than actual, but you can probably save a few bucks off of what you were going to spend in-store and get it all in around $205-$210.


    Is the wolf military classic corrosive primed? Same for Uly?

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