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  1. I know this thread is about a month old but I just came across it. Has anyone used hornady Superformance (SST i think)? I've never shot their 7.62x39 but their .308 load is very accurate and did a fine job on the pig I took with it
  2. how about a monster man grip or something like that?
  3. What are you mounting on it? magnified scope? If you are just looking for a red dot, cant say enough about the RS mount
  4. Ok. That was a pita but i Got it on. I shaved just a tiny bit from the inside of those ribs and Used a crescent wrench On the gt and pipe wrench on the hg Thanks for the link to the thread. I knew I'd seen something about that but couldn't find it
  5. Title says it all! How the hell do iget this upper HG onto my gas tube???? Btw- I'm using one of the black furniture kits that someone (anticommagirl I think) was selling in the marketplace here a while back
  6. Boomstick - what's that headstamp (no, not the 7.62x39, the other one on the bottom)?
  7. Thanks everyone for the feedback. It sounds like its about typical and it really doesn't bother me, so I'm sticking with it. Just wanted to make sure it might not have gotten damaged in shipping or maybe just a little off from the factory. Sickness - your prompting and support of the RS mount definitely encouraged me to go that direction and I'm real happy I did. I have my second child coming any day now so still haven't had a chance to get out to the range yet, but without shooting I definitely like the weighting of this mount set-up more than a forward gas tube mount. Dr. Thunder
  8. So, after quite a bit of advise from you folks I finally pulled the trigger and bought one of the primary arms m3 red dot & RS AKM mount packages from primary arms. I'll give Primary Arms 2 thumbs up on service. They were nice and helpful on the phone, I got the package quick and it was wrapped well. I also like the RS mount. Seems solid but I havent shot it yet. BUT - I'm not sure if this red dot might not have a problem. I can clearly see that the dot is made up of probably 15-20 other little dots. I don't mind that at all, but what somehwat bothers me is that it really is
  9. I also have 2 of em and they've worked well for me so far. Just like most others here, mine are perfect for range use but id still prob go with steel if I was taking em to war
  10. if you are looking for a cheap side rail mount that you want to modify, check out Centerfire Systems first. A few days ago I saw a side rail mount where you can adjust height and centering of it over the bore for $35. Looked super beefy and sturdy. Check it out and let us know what you think. I'm not sure how low it will adjust, but hopefully low enough to sit right on the dust cover
  11. I just came across this thread from about a year ago and am wondering what's the story with this mount? It looks similar to the RS AKM mount but not exactly. Maybe kind of a beta version???? http://www.ak47.net/forums/t_4_56/124897_.html&page=1 Are these still around or was this a one off kind of a deal? At $55 i'd sure give one a try if they still were available…
  12. I live in Nor Cal too. The mag locks are a pain in the ass, but they aren't that bad. I definitely prefer my converted saiga with a mag lock, then when it was non-converted. If you specifically want a sporting stock rather than PG config. that's a whole other story. Where in nor Cal are you? If your in the Bay area I'd be happy to let you mess around with mine. I wouldn't go to war with a mag lock on, but you'll see that for plinking purposes the solar tactical lock with the little attachments on the end of your mags aren't that big of a deal.
  13. Jim - Is the micro for sure coming out next month? I saw that it was coming but didn't see an eta. If so, I'd probably be down to wait. I've never handled either optics, but from some of the vids and pics I saw, the only advantage I noticed was that it seemed like the m3 in the rs mount co-witnessed better than the micro dot in the MI leaf mount. I wouldn't imagine that the RS micro mount could get any lower that the Mi Mount? Any thoughts? I could be totally wrong considering i didn't see them in person
  14. Sickness - That's the route I'm going. Giving the wife the go-ahead today. You pretty much convinced me in our earlier conversations. I had no doubts about the rs mount but was hoping to get some more positive feedback on the m3 since all I really hear about is the micro dot. But, what the hell, for the price I'm gonna try it out. Thanks for the advise everyone. I'll post some pics after I get it.
  15. Tex & Datrowl, Thanks for the suggestions. Tex - didn't I see a post from you a while back with what seemed like an unending collection of russian optics (and rifles for that matter)???? I definitely can trust your opinion after seeing all that own. I can't imagine how many others you have experience with. I've considered the PK-AS and Rakurs but they just seem to sit so high that I feel like it would bug me not getting a good cheek weld (i know, i know, i can add a pad or adjustable stock, but I'm trying to keep it simple). Plus, I'm on a budget and this is my first taste-test
  16. I honestly can't decide which way to go. I've basically narrowed it down to either the primary arms micro dot or m3. Mount Options -rs mount for m3 -MI mount that replaces rear sight leaf -ultimak -MI Handguard with optic specific mount I know everyone loves the micro dot w/ ultimak, but I hesitate with it or the MI HG b/c 1)I always shoot corrosive and I hear cleaning the gas tube is tough. (am I right?) and 2) b/c I can't shoot with both eyes open(shotgun, handgun, or rifle). I've been told I don't have a dominant eye and my opposit eye always takes over as soon as I raise my
  17. You should measure from the exit hole's edges to the complete outside of the brake. not just the "baffle". Maybe the baffle isn't centered but the exit hole actually is? I'm not saying thats the case, just something to consider. Also, measure the treaded end and see if is off center too. As stated above - all that matters is if that exit hole matches your rifle barrels bore. But that's going to be really tough to see since they are different size bores.
  18. War hammer - are you sure ill have to file a notch in top of my barrel? Have you tried this retainer? From the looks of it I wouldn't have guessed id need to
  19. I completely understand the "fit n finish" of this won't be on par with the other well known bolt ons. I'm just wondering if this one is functional and will hold tight. Even if people haven't tried it first hand, just looking for any feedback since I haven't seen this one before
  20. Has anyone used or heard any feedback on this Bolt-on HG Retainer before? http://www.brownells...DGUARD-RETAINER I haven't heard much about it around here but Its only $25 at Brownells. My only concern would be that it doesn't have the tabs on each side to index on the slots in the sides of my barrel. I'm wondering if it would come loose easily. btw - I'm well aware of the Dinzag retainer and the one available on CSS and have heard nothing but good things about them. Just wondering if this is a decent cheap alternative.
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