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  1. Honestly, I wouldn't know how. I can field strip an AK with my eyes closed but ARs...... lol i can strip an ar is seconds and have no idea what to do with my saiga.. I love my saigas. Quality can be so-so sometimes. BUT, when its right you can't beat it. Everything is sold. Thanks guys. Now I'm going to window shop at my local gun shop.
  2. Quick question. How hard to install and what tools would I need to install??
  3. I really hate you right now. LOL J/K Not really a mercedes, more like a Cadillac DTS with the heated leather seats!
  4. LOL yeah I know about the takedown pins. I just see so many uppers and lowers advertised on other forums it MAKES MY HEAD SPIN. LOL AR is SPF
  5. Honestly, I wouldn't know how. I can field strip an AK with my eyes closed but ARs......
  6. If it was 308 we could talk. I have to have to many different cals now. LOL Its OK. I have too many diff calibers myself. I have every saiga but a 410 or 5.45. Plus my assortment of AK variants in 7.62.
  7. GSG is Sold and shipped. Now, anyone looking for an entry level AR? Make me offer the worst I can say is nope.
  8. GSG SPF to Jeluvsk Ar stillup for grabs
  9. Yeah, sorry its a .223. Like I said my first and only AR
  10. For sale my unfired DPMS AR-15. Bought it as a Christmas present to myself and come to reason that I'm just not into ARs. It is in an unfired condition. Not a single round through it. I added a Houge pistol grip, a single point attachment reciever back plate, a magpul VFG, and a single point sling. Includes 2 30 round magazines. My loss is your gain. $650.00 shipped to your FFl or a FTF in NC. Check or money order is ok, as is discreet paypal. Thanks in advance. Next is my Gsgs5. Its a 22lr carbine. comes with 2 22 round magazines and a 110 round drum. its a good
  11. Sorry bro, just realized it was the recoil rod that the recoil spring goes on. Take it to a good competent welder or take it to a machine shop and have them make you one.
  12. NOW. THAT WAS PROMPT! on wolf's part.
  13. buy tom cole's heavy duty http://store.carolinashooterssupply.com/servlet/-strse-803/CGW-SAIGA-12-HEAVY/Detail css stock it
  14. Carolina shooters supply sells multiple versions of their conversion kit. look them up they are a forum sponsor and have the best business ethic I have ever encountered.
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