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  1. NickWhite

    Current Production Saiga barrels - Threaded?

    I don't think mine had threads. 09/13 mfg. the guy at the shop said new saigas arnt threaded like the old saigas.
  2. I have a Russian PSO 6x36 scope I'd like to trade for other AK and AR stuff. It comes with the scope, 2 AK mounts, flip up and regular lens covers, a reddish lens cover, and bag. Let me know what you've got, I'm located in millbrae, CA this is cross posted. I can email you pictures but I can't post them on here because I'm on my phone.
  3. NickWhite

    Uinta 20 Round Magazine Wobble

    Mine doesn't wobble, cause mine won't fit with 20 rounds loaded.
  4. NickWhite

    Need a S308 FSB

    FSB/GB would really work, cause I have the 21.8" barrel. And I'll take a look, thank you
  5. NickWhite

    Need a S308 FSB

    I'd have to open up the 74 brake for the 7.62 right?
  6. NickWhite

    Need a S308 FSB

    With no modifications? Or does it still have to be turned down?
  7. NickWhite

    Need a S308 FSB

    I started to do the muzzle threading tutorial, removed the FSB, moved it back, and drilled it. Then the place I was going to get it sold out of all the stuff I needed. And my FSB is garbage now (had to cut the bottom). Would it be possible/good idea to have the barrel turned down so I can use an AK47 FSB and threat it 14x1 so I also have a fairly large assortment off brakes?
  8. NickWhite

    What can ya do?

    I took it out 200 yards and I think it shot good, it opened up a little more but about 3" groups cold then it opened up more. And yesterday my PSO 6x36 scope came in the mail so hopefully this Friday or next ill hit the 200 yard again.
  9. NickWhite

    Saiga 308 good long range rifle?

    I just shot my Saiga 308 200 yards (farthest range in the area) and I thought it shot great.
  10. I'd like to trade my Chinese 100 round drum for a POSP scope for my Saiga. It's rust free and it still has a little oil left on it. Never inserted into a rifle (by me). Let me know what you have an we will go from there. Thank you. I'm located in NorCal and this is cross posted
  11. NickWhite

    What can ya do?

    Thanks guys! Sadly I can't reload yet, its expensive now so I'm gonna wait til the "panic" dies down a little. As for a scope, is like a POSP scope instead of my cheap scope/mount, would that be better? As for the crown, I nicked it a little bit removing the FSB so that will have to be recrowned, I didn't know that affected accuracy
  12. NickWhite

    What can ya do?

    The groups were 3" high and like 3MOA with the Winchester and my 3 shot groups are about 1.5" with MFS shooting off sandbags. Then it warms up and spreads out. The only thing I did was have my left hand supporting under the stock to keep it more sturdy with the front on the sandbags and fire at the bottom of my breath. I've got a 3-9x40 NcStar (saving up for a better scope) with a K-var side mount
  13. NickWhite

    What can ya do?

    I've tried federal fusion 180 gr and it shot worse then when the scope loosened up haha. I've only tried Winchester, MFS, and Tula 150gr and federal 180gr. It seems to like lighter grains so ill try 147 gr next