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  1. Yes in NY. We are OK with HP and SP legally, in fact need it to shoot in most NY ranges. Would never use unless absolute clear cut certain life-death situation; I am an attorney and quite familiar with ramifications oi use, but, the legal system is not gun user friendly no matter what the situation but, I will not die to not have legal trouble. Better alive and face a prick DA than dead and face worms. Have a tricked out shotgun, (and pistol on the way), but prefer the 7.62 for more flexibility for home def, God forbid ever needed.
  2. I am considering investing in some sort of bulletproof vest, or body armor, in case of SHTF scenarios, or increasing home self-defense in case of civil unrest and such, God forbid. I am moving towards some sort of vest that offers a level II protection, with the capability of heavier inserts for level III or so protection. Any ideas, thoughts, etc.? I'd like to keep the plates to possibly be inserted light in weight, any idea of the best company to get bulletproof vest and body armor, etc.? Appreciated
  3. I came across a couple of YouTube videos that I found interesting. Interesting related conversation here too, especially about the corroding of un-coated ammo. http://ingunowners.com/forums/ammunition-reloading/160888-wolf-vs-wolf-military-classic-2.html And this: http://ak47talk.blogspot.com/2010/06/762x39-guide.html I own three Saiga sport unconverted rifles chambered in 223, 7.62×39, and 308. I have mostly stocked up and been plinking and have for hunting and sport and personal home defense, (God forbid ever actually needed), mostly Wolf military classic hollowpoint. Pr
  4. Yup Leaving as soon as I can Cannot yet BTW, IMO, there will be no where to go to soon
  5. I am doing that MoparAnd already own a Saiga 223 and a Saiga 308, and a shotgun, and a 22, and a pistol on the way The 7.62 is my primary and I do wish it in wood stock and rail; focused on fining a set is all I am getting a 50 cal to when I get the $$$ up Which 50? It would have to be bolt action. Semi is not allowed. Even if you found one without a pistol grip it needs a muzzle brake and that's not allowed. HMMMMMM From what I can tell 50's are allowed. I hear what you say thought; good points. So what 50's would be legal in NY? PM sent
  6. Update: I did purchase a replacement brand-new 7.62. Fired off 200 rounds, through all 10 magazines I own, it shoots perfectly, no jams. Now I have a 7.62 and a 223 that are shooting perfectly. The 308 is still jamming; that will be addressed next. Once the 308 is fixed, I will post it, and meanwhile want to thank you all for your input.
  7. I am doing that Mopar And already own a Saiga 223 and a Saiga 308, and a shotgun, and a 22, and a pistol on the way The 7.62 is my primary and I do wish it in wood stock and rail; focused on fining a set is all I am getting a 50 cal to when I get the $$$ up
  8. Anyone know for sure if this is legal in NY? http://www.troupsystems.com/saiga.htm
  9. Thank you BUT just being honest I am now frustrated insofar that I have searching so hard and did not see that. They are very hard to find and you have been very lucky. Not sure that will happen again. May be impossible. You were fast and caught it somehow. But good for you!
  10. I also live on Long Island I am limited to 10 round mags; do the AK mags come in 10 rounders? Good place to get them? Stick with factory mags correct? I agree actually I tried different Bear steel case and I think that may have been part of the issue I think lots of guys hit on many issues that probably all explain the unexlainable Fast production at factory, guns messed with by someone, etc. Knew four bad ones was near impossible
  11. OK Ebay set out then How about this set mentioned below? -Second, also because of the muddling of so many issues in the other thread, so I can get a direct answer on this question, I am also putting this in this new thread, so I can get clear on this fast. Many people pointed to this site I am listing below, but I'm not clear, will the sporter wood stock and grip that states it is made for the Saiga shotgun on this site and page below fit on a Saiga 7.62×39 rifle? Definitely? It's $300 or so and obviously I don't want to make a mistake. Does it fit with no modification needed on th
  12. Friend, just did not understand what you were saying and was asking for clarification. I googled PG and did not find what it was. So I asked. I googled oe and got no results so asked. Was not sure at all what you were saying about the you tube clip so asked. I DID try to avoid asking if I could fine on my own! Dong the best I can! I understand if you do not wish to answer; not a problem.
  13. Guys, In another thread there are a lot of issues going on that may possibly muddle two questions that came up. -One is about an item on eBay right now that I require an answer for fast because the bidding is going and shall end relatively soon. I contacted this fellow on eBay and he said that he did not think this wood butt stock and rail would not fit on a Saiga 7.62×39 rifle. I do not know for sure, but I think he is wrong. Can you guys please look and tell me if you think it will fit or not. I do not want to buy it if it's not 100% certain because it's not returnable. A
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