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  1. Thanks all for such helpful answers. It sounds like I'm SOL if I wanted a monte carlo style stock with the forward trigger group. Ah well, I'll live with the bullet button and pistol grip.
  2. eh..I thought about it, and that may be the way to go ultimately, but I figured I'd see if I could get this one the way I want it. If it's not possible I'll look into selling/trading for one.
  3. Ah, I should say I'm in California, where thumbhole or skeleton stocks are just as 'bad' as a pistol grip. Ideally, I'd like some setup where a) I could remove my bullet-button, and so it looks more like a 'traditional' rifle (e.g. walnut monte carlo stock)
  4. I've got a converted saiga, but I think I want to de-convert it and go featureless. The trigger has been moved forward, and feels really good, so I'd like to find some sort of monte-carlo style stock that is designed for that. Something like the Tygr-ver 3 dragunov here I couldn't find anything with the google. Any leads on where I could buy something? Or do I have to try to make it myself?
  5. So here's my almost completely useless response from Century: --- Good Morning; While all our firearms are assembled to comply with Federal regulations, our policy does not allow me to release the content data of a specific firearm. Outside of the new pistol grip, I would expect most of the parts to be inside the action. I do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. --- I guess I'll start from scratch and build up with known us parts.
  6. Considering I got it from a brick & mortar firearms shop with the saiga mag included, I would *assume* that they couldn't sell a federally outlawed firearm. But I guess it would be my ass, not theirs, so thanks I'll double check with Century.
  7. I just picked up my first rifle from my lgs. It's a saiga 7.62 that's been converted. My LGS didn't know who'd done the conversion, but the box and sales sheet had Century Arms listed on it. I'd like to use standard AK pattern mags, not saiga ones. Will I run afoul of 922® if I install one? I don't have any documentation stating which parts are us made, and I don't see any stampings on the stock/trigger/etc. to indicate place of manufacture.
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