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  1. A better tap can be had, and it may well reduce your chances of breaking it. That being said, the "cheap" tap that came with the kit from CSS did the job just fine. I'm betting that the majority of kit purchasers do just fine with it. If someone wants to use a better tap, just order the bullet guide sans tap, and procure a better quality tap of your choice.
  2. EDM is good... if you have access to it. A propane torch is also good. Heat the end to pale red, let cool slowly. No more hard metal.
  3. Primary active ingredient: Methylene Chloride.
  4. Acetone will de-fat skin, so it dries out and cracks. Acetone in adequate concentrations is a known carcinogen. It is in mild solution in nail polish remover. The labels have lots of warnings. Not to be taken lightly. Acetone won't dissolve latex gloves, but it will soften them up so they leak and fall apart. MEK, Acetone, Toluene, Methylene Chloride, Trichloroethane, Trichloroethylene, any organic solvents, can be nasty stuff. Avoid breathing the vapors, and keep it off your skin.
  5. The springs in a mag are under compression even when the mag is empty. If you are that worried about weakening the springs, store the mags disassembled.
  6. Look for a product with methylene chloride in it. That stuff will dissolve almost anything. That's the active agent in a lot of aviation paint stripper, but it is also found in some over-the-counter strippers at your local hardware store.
  7. Assuming you take care to not ruin the old trigger guard while removing it, you can heat the front end of it, and bend the mounting tab backward. It will then bolt into the existing hole behind the mag latch, just like the Tapco part.
  8. Reckon Izhmash would be interested in buying a few pallets of them back from us?
  9. Uh, the hammer is in backwards.
  10. Some of those kits come already modified for the BHO. If you get one of those, you'll have to make a spacer to take the place of the BHO.
  11. J&G Sales. $299.95 + $20.00 shipping + FFL fee. And available to Kalifornia residents. Get it at that price while you can.
  12. Could it be that the original importers put a stamp on the rifles when they imported them, but another US importer somehow acquired them, and naturally didn't want to market rifles with a competitor's stamp on them, so they obliterated the original importer's stamp and put their own on? Was the match striker done in Russia?
  13. I didn't like the one from Brownell's for all the reasons mentioned. I got the one from Saiga AK instead. It's about as close to original as you can get, and it does stay put. It even has the bracket for the sling. You have to file the cutout into the barrel, which wasn't too difficult. There is a good video on it here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fv0yG1UkyfU
  14. Thanks! That video was educational. As I guessed the empty is hitting the dust cover. That explains why all the empties wind up in front of the firing line too. Based on that, it doesn't look like a buffer will help.
  15. Yep, Saigas come from the factory with a shepherd's crook. Only problem is that the one that comes with the factory neutered Saiga will only fit a factory neutered Saiga. Once you drill out the trigger and lever pivots, you no longer have a place to secure it to. Nothing particularly wrong with a shepherds crook. If I understand correctly, that's the way the original 47's and 74's came. They are just so difficult to get in correctly.
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