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  1. Good day. I would like to buy an AK gas tube or used Ultimak for the AK. The upper handguard is not needed. Anyone have an extra they are willing to part with? Thank you.
  2. Looks great. Have you thought any about the MI Siaga handguard? A retainer isn't needed. The pistol grip I decided on is the US Palm AK grip. Great grip!
  3. I hear the Molots and the the VEPRs all have heavier barrels than the Saigas.
  4. View these videos. If you know anything at all about precision rifles you'll quickly see why the Kalash design is not precision. It may not hollow a dime at 1000 yards but it works up close and dirty. Embrace it's strengths and realize its weaknesses then go practice.
  5. You got it but I would install the bullet guide and modify the magazines anyway just so you could use aftermarket mags.
  6. Differences in what? Accuracy? Lots of variables. My 16" 5.45 shoots better than I can. My blasted eyes are aging fast but I still manage 1.5" groups @ 100 yds w/surplus ammo. The longer 5.45 projectile has a better ballistic coeffeient than the shorter 5.56 projectile. Longer barrels on guns can cause barrel whip which decreases accuracy. Shorter barrels tend to be more rigid, thus more accurate. Everything has its cost though. Longer barrels=higher vilocity & longer range b/c of more complete powder burn. Everything is a trade off and at the end of the day the AK design will f
  7. 5.45 can be reloaded. Resize Remington .222 brass. RCBS makes reloading dies. I'vr read a few articles wherein the author reloaded steel cases. It requires annealing the cases. I'm sure there is more to it than that. I think you're spot on reguarding KelTecs. No one knows the true longevity of them. They are a neat product but I wouldn't trust my family's life or my own to one until proven in hard conditions.
  8. Come on now...with all the events going on with A possible AWB you want to trade off an AK? Don't do it. Now is the time to keep everything you have already. Buy more if you can.
  9. The guys there say they are different but don't intend on making them one day either.
  10. I am curious as well. I don't know of any new 5.45 mag springs available.
  11. Take a look at Dinzag Arms. Great source for parts. Its where I got my fsb. There are several AR inspired muzzle devices for the AK74 fsb now. Its the AK lovers dream lately.
  12. That looks great. Is it the one sold by Centerfire Systems? I don't have any clue if it's has a 45 or 90 degree port. You may have to contact the maker. Or you could go another easier route. Maybe the ACE clamp-on front sight will satisfy your requirements. I think may go with the ACE FSB.
  13. Looks great. I would contact High Standard about origins.
  14. What? You mean that happens? ;-)
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