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  1. Hi TIMTIMTIM! Yes, I found a few of the 5.45s. I found one shortly after I posted this thread, but I needed TWO of them. I just recently ordered the other 5.45, which I'm currently waiting for delivery. I'm hopeful that the one I ordered is manufactured in 2009 (the 2013s have the receiver markings in different positions), but there's no real way to know until it gets here. The 5.45 I ordered 2 months ago was made in 2009, so I'm hopeful. To be honest, I was a little discouraged that no one had responded for 2 months. I figured someone would have known of a few places to find at least one!
  2. Believe it or not, that is the proper placement of the FSB. Try measuring from the front of the GB to the back of the FSB. It should be approximately 2.088 (factory FSB) to 2.100mm (based on GB alignment). I've seen plenty of FSBs that have been installed flush with the end of the barrel, but if the factory pin holes are reused to align the FSB (when they're present), you'll have a little of the end of the barrel sticking out... And for the photographic evidence... Unconverted... Converted (GB had to moved back a tiny bit after this pic was taken, and is not measuring 2.088mm
  3. If any fellow forumites prefer not to say where the Saiga 5.45s are being sold, please PM me! - after you buy yours, of course!
  4. I'm wondering if maybe there was a mistake made at the factory. Can anyone give me a precise measurement of the distance between the front of the GB and the front of the FSB (please see pic below - my FSB is not pressed on yet, but you can see the area of the paint where it was test fitted). I typically use a digital caliper, but I'm away from home at the moment. Maybe I can measure my barrel on this particular rifle and determine if there was a mistake made by Ishmash, and determine what the variance of measurement is.... Here is the area I'd like some measurements of... I'll try to
  5. Thanks for the recommendation mancat! I've actually fit about 5 different gas tubes to the GB/RSB, and they're all short. I even tried the original gas tubes (the sporter, smooth gas tubes) and they all come up short. I've done many barrel conversions (swapping the FSB and GB while installing the hand guard retainer) and never encountered this problem, so these are strange waters for me to be in. I'm curious if anyone else has run into this issue, and what seems to be the best solution. It seems like there should be a common fix for this, and I'm hesitant to cut into the barrel. On a s
  6. So, I'm neck deep into my 8th Front-End conversion on another Saiga 7.62x39mm rifle, and have encountered a new problem. I'll start by saying that I've spent the majority of the last week searching for similar problems with limited results, and no conclusive solutions. My hope is that you guys can help me solve this problem. I'm attempting to pin my gas block in place, but noticed the gas tube is barely making contact with the gas block (less than 1/16th of an inch is being covered). It's just a little too short for me to be comfortable. I tried fitting at least 5 different gas tubes, and
  7. I'm in the process of converting 8 rifles to sidefolders. I'm completing 5 new Russian installs and 3 old-style sidefolders. The new sidefolding stocks have a 5.5mm pin and 4 degree angle on the back of the trunnion. The older sidefolders utilize a 4.5mm hinge pin and have a different 6 degree trunnion angle. Pookie's blueprints are for the old Russian/current Bulgarian 4.5mm pin, so make sure you have the correct plans for the correct trunnion. Here's the plans for the 4.5mm pin...
  8. I've been looking for a sporter 5.45 Saiga for a while now, and I haven't been able to find any locally or online. I'm not too interested in purchasing from any of the auction sites (I've never tried buying from an auction before). Any help would be appreciated!!!
  9. Here's my progress thanks to you responders! Here's the shape I decided to go with (rough cut)... Anything worth doing once is worth doing twice, right? Look how tight that hinge is!!! Here's Pookie's plans in a ridiculous resolution (if this works)...
  10. Negative. searched some and found this if it helps. and this from the legion usa inc website 108_5rd_left_side_folder_detail.jpg wheres papa zorro and sergi when you need them. maybe one of those guru's can chime in with some mother russia pics. I know they've got'em. I believe those blue prints are for the 4.5mm pin due to the angle of the rear trunnion. I have a electronic PDF of the same plans, but the measurements are for the 4.5mm, not the modern 5.5mm trunnion currently used by the Russians since about 1990. The strange thing is that I've heard the front latch measurements were ne
  11. Thanks man. I appreciate it. I figured its not a picture a lot if people have ready to upload, but help us appreciated. There some prints floating around of some 4.5mm trunnions, but I wanted to see what Arsenal/Izhmash/Other are using to make this cut so I can complete my builds. Maybe someone will post some...
  12. For example, I'm looking to make this cut here and wanted to see what an authentic AK is supposed to look like...
  13. Awesome! I've thought about using some Bulgarian barrels as well since some Russian barrels hardly exist. I'm actually pretty encouraged that other shooters have taken the same route. I wasn't sure if I should make an "All Bulgarian" rifle, or stick with my original plan of using all Russian parts, and use Bulgarian parts when Russian parts aren't available. And, just for the record, I think I've stared at your rifles for hours and hours at this point. They are some of my favorite rifles to look at. Great job on them!
  14. I'm in the process of "fine tuning" some of the details on several side folder projects. I need to see the cut made on the bottom edge of the receiver beneath the 5.5mm pin. Hopefully I can post another "how to make an accurate AK-100 series Rifle" guide in th near future. Some pictures I've seen have a circular cut made, while others have a taper that leads into a straight cut. It may also help to list what rifle the pictures are taken from (SGL, kit build, NDS receiver, ect.) Thanks everyone!
  15. Looking at the barrels, it looks like there is a bit of a difference in the milling (take a look at the "sleeves" in front and behind the FSB and GB). Where did you source the barrel for your '88 Izzy?
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