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  1. Pics! Pics! Will-do, likely tomorrow. Be warned, my conversion isn't finished. I am awaiting a '74 FSB, and then I'll fill the rivet holes and Cerakote it. So the grey "finish" under the gas tube cover is still visible and makes the rail look awkward. That, and the lack of handguard retainers also leaves the front end open. So it's not the prettiest beast, but works just as it did on my SGL-21. Thanks! I'm currently trying to decide what route I want to go with a hand guard. I do like the MI railed hand guard, but don't like the trouble it would be to clean the gas tube every time..
  2. Oh, thanks for the replies! What confused me is that it appears that Arsenal fits theirs to be flush with the muzzle...sooo. And I wasn't really concerned with the accuracy being effected, just the effectiveness of any brake I use. Honestly, I would think that flush is the correct way: it would give the gas more space in the brake, and protect the muzzle a little more. edit: this guy even left his FSB forward of the muzzle a little. http://pookieweb.dyndns.org:61129/AK/barrel_assembly/reassembly.htm
  3. Very cool. Thanks. I am in the process of deciding how I want to do my front end...I am skeptical of those bolt on retainers ability to stay put without filing a groove in the barrel for the set screw (or for other brackets, the cross bolt). That being said, I don't know if I want to have to do that. Keep us posted on that lower bracket after shooting!
  4. Mind sharing how you went about the front end conversion/what your method of lower handguard retention was?
  5. The cheapest I am seeing the "cheapest" .223 is $.30/round of Wolf WPA...that is panic priced. That stuff should be down around $.23-.24. edit: I found Herter's for $.28/round. Still too high for that garbage....I got PMX x-tac 55 gr. for $.30/round before the panic.
  6. Unfortunately, you're exactly right. The fact is, distributors are still releasing minuscule amounts of ammo at a time to maintain the sense of a shortage...and many are still falling for it. Oh well....I'll keep the .223 eaters hidden away then.
  7. I'd say we're on our last leg of being able to even import arms thanks to obummer. A new platform? No way. (not to mention, Russia's economy is in the tank.)
  8. Are we still buying ammo at panic prices? Oh well... Guess I'll wait even longer.
  9. Sorry to revive an ollllld thread... But could one of you explain to me how that lower retainer works? Or does the lower handguard screw in to the receiver like the OEM handguard?
  10. What made you feel that way? What's an average rate to chop a barrel down and thread it? I suppose I could get a Saiga and once my stamp goes thru have the barrel chopped. Personally, I would just like to know my next AK is professionally done, and more "originally" military. I had an AK-74 FSB installed on mine (like the SGL's). I may go the route of conversion again if I wanted to do something way off the wall with an AK, but my next may be one that I want wood furniture on, and therefore I'd like it to be more cosmetically perfect from the factory.
  11. I converted the first AK I ever owned (Saiga x39). That being said, my next AK will most likely be an Arsenal or other military config AK. The experience was (and still is) very rewarding, but I think I'll opt for a "ready to roll" AK next time.
  12. Yeah, I hope so! I don't have an AK with the FSB installed flush for reference, but oh well. I guess I have to get another one.
  13. I don't have the ability to post a picture at the moment, but long story short, I had a Bulgarian AK-74 FSB installed on my Saiga x39, and the smith who I had do it for me installed it, leaving about 1/8" between the front edge of the FSB and the muzzle. That being said, will this decrease the effectiveness of any of my muzzle attachments due to more of the muzzle possibly sticking into the attachments? In my AK-74 brake, the muzzle sticks out almost in line with the first hole (if that makes sense). It's not a problem as long as the performance won't be hindered..probably too late to change i
  14. So I had this done on my rifle, and he installed the FSB so that the front edge of it is about 1/8" from the muzzle... Beside bugging the OCD side of me, is this going to hinder the effectiveness of the '74 brake (or any other muzzle attachment)? Maybe I should have asked him why he did not install it flush.
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