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  1. As I rarely pop in to contribute and I will just say this. If you fucking sons o bitches want a better product for a better price, make it yourself! I don't have any interest in this either, so screw off.
  2. JApanzer, we were out at the land, very isolated and lots of gunfire. I told my girl the exact same thing. I figure we are a Snap away from listening to the bad kind. It was creepy.
  3. Really good tickets to the thunder/rockets game this Sunday. Backpacking hammock, and a stihl chainsaw for clearing away some of the oaks on the land that the woman and I just bought. Really good Christmas, lucky enough to have a big loving family in our life. Got my son his first shotgun.
  4. You guys are smart. I did just as you all advised and told him I couldn't do it. I also called him a racist just cause it seems the thing to do these days.
  5. Found out tonight the rifle came with a case of ammo. That makes more since now. I was scratching my head too. Well look man, I said I would sale a fraction of my soul. Nobody said anything about ammo.
  6. Where the hell was he? I love mine and I'd bet it's nicer than his was. But for 1000 bucks they can have it and a fraction of my soul.
  7. The Savage 24c goes from 350-550 depending on condition and caliber. This one is on the 500+ spectrum. The sks does not take AK mags, which I like. I love the 10 round fixed mag. The only thing I plan on changing is putting on tech sights and looking for a fixed 20 round mag.
  8. The 24 series are no longer in production and they made very few 24c's. But yes they are now making a Savage 42. So far just in 22lr/.410 but more to come I'm sure. One thing I like about the potential value of the sks is in case a detach mag ban comes into play down the road. A ten round fixed mag rifle firing the 7.62x39 would get very popular I'd guess. Edit/ The Norinco is the nicest sks I've set eyes on. Coupled with the 16 inch barrel, wow! Just bad timing with the other coming available I guess. I almost traded a 1979 Marlin 39A for a 24c years ago, but, kept the 39A to give to
  9. I jus purchased a nearly new, like maybe 5 rounds thru it, Norinco paratrooper. All matching, all original, beautiful. Some guy wants to trade a beautiful Savage 24c, 22lr/20 gauge for it. These are both guns that I have spent a lot of time looking for....argh! Personal experience, opinions please. Thanks.
  10. Bump it, also looking for sks plus cash.
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