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  1. I didn't polish it at all or put any lube or grease on any thing. Im a rookie at this so I just wanted to basically drop it in as is then go from there. As far as the trigger slap...im pretty sure I may have been hyper sensitive b/c at that point I was obsessing on the grittieness and really focussing on feeling the trigger.


    Im planning on putting a few hundred more rounds through it this weekend so ill see how it feels after that. Should I add any grease or lube to anything other than normal lubing?

  2. Is the grittieness that Im feeling the hammer sliding off of the hook or is it the entire trigger rotating on the pin? As i reach in Im now noticing that the inside of that hook feels a little rough. Since Im new to this Im a little hesitant to start sanding/messing with it, but is that something I should try and smooth out


    In all seriousness, about when should I feel it smooth itself out. Already put about 200 rounds through it. Im sure ill put at least that many more next time out. Just wondering if its worth pulling appart to sand/polish

  3. I agree with jbru. Do it your self! I had virtually zero firearm experience before i bought my saiga about 3 minths ago.


    I just converted trigger group (including bho) and pistol grip part last week. As everyone else will tell you its much easier than it initially looks! Watch a couple videos online, read some instructions, and take your time.


    Plus there really prob isn't a much better way to learn your way around your new rifle.

  4. Hi all. New saiga owner and new forum member here. I just took my x39 out for the first time since I converted to the tapco g2 single hook fcg and added my pistol grip. Overall im pretty happy with it but the pull feels a little gritty. It seems a bit lighter which I like, but not super smooth.


    Im not sure if im just being over critical and focusing on what I hadn't previously noticed. I may even have felt just a little trigger slap too?????however that was after a few hundred rounds and it was getting a little cold out, so who knows, may have just been thinking about it too much.


    I just wanted to know if anyone has had a similar experience. I've basically only heard good things about this fcg up until now. Thanks in advance

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