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  1. Ive been reading up on muzzle crowing and Im wondering if anyone here that has threaded their barrel to 14mm x1 LH and installed a tapco or other brake on a threaded barrel experienced negative effects to accuracy. ?? I wondering....
  2. What he said. Pull back, Let it go.. Let it slap that round into place...
  3. Oh and yeah.. thats a pro mag . My mag situation is unresolved but im planning on picking up some real mags real soon . Here is a picture of the trigger guard job.
  4. Slowly transforming .. I like the plain jane battle hardened look .... Took some filing to make that old romy gas tube work and the shroud is cut back waiting for my threading equipment to get here.. Next will be a side mount and a red dot sight and then Im done..
  5. The front end of the trigger guard has a tack weld attaching it to mag release.
  6. Im in Tulsa Ok. But no worries ... Im cure classic will set things straight once I can get them on the phone.
  7. If I was a 7.62x39 guy I would pay it forward a mag, but alas I am not, maybe a nice member here could send one for cheap or something. Ill wait till after the holiday and call classic about my mags.. But yeah kinda sucks not having a mag to try out fit and feed...
  8. You are right about that pistol grip it does not appear to be a tapco.
  9. The UGLY That bullet guide is tacked on!!.. Oh well looks solid and the welds do not ride above the height of the bullet guide so should be ok in theory.. time will tell...and I have to get a original ak mag to see if they will fit and feed...
  10. He is in Broken Arrow Oklahoma his web site is: www.davidsons...dealer id=68675
  11. Just picked mine up from Broken Arrow National Guns in oklahoma. Who by the way is a great guy and has the best ffl transfer price in town!! Anyhow the gun came brand new with a tapco g2 trigger and tapco stock and pistol grip. The gun does have a bullet guide but to my dismay came witout the advertised 30 round tapco mag or the original short mag from the factory. I will be calling classic to find out what happended to my mags. As far as i can tell the work done was on the trigger group and piston grip and bullet guide . Also there was a hole left unplugged on the bottom of the receiver
  12. TGI is just Distributing them .. they are the same as the ever are . ....... FULL OF SHWEEETNESS!!!!!! best news ive heard all day
  13. Has anyone seen one of these or held one? Prices are dropping on the net and at local gun stores.. I was quoted today 360.00 bucks for a saiga 5.45... I have not seen one of these TGI Saigas and Im worried the quality will not be the same hence the lower prices we are seeing... Any input??
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