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  1. Captain, What kind of range do you get with your surefire? Can you positively identify a target at 75 to 100 yards? The lights I currently have offer enough light to identify a target up to 40 yards. Beyond that I just get shinning eyes. I know some people would be satisfied with that, but I want to know for sure what I am aiming at. I will spend a little more for a surefire if there just isn't any substitute. Again, thanks to everyone for their suggestions.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. This will definitely narrow my list. I know you get what you pay for, but there are still a few companies selling quality at a low price. You can't build a new brand by selling at high prices. Maybe one of these cheaper brands will be the next surefire.
  3. Forgive me if this has been posted before or beaten to death. Any suggestions for a decent budget priced flashlight? I'm looking for something with more than 100 lumens. It needs to be somewhat compact for attaching to a rifle. Have any of you had good luck with the cheaper brands? $50 or less? Thanks
  4. Just thought I would post the mod I did on my sights. I widened the gap on the rear sight and added a second lower notch. This notch helps me line up the post quickly and perfectly. The wider gap greatly increased my sight picture. I also sanded down the front post to a slimmer profile. It may not be some people's cup of tea, but this complete profile greatly increased my ability with the irons. I even ditched my red dot in favor of this. To each their own. I just wanted to give you another design idea. I'm lovin' it!
  5. Thanks for the help Chile. Everything turned out great with no effect on the bullet. My gunsmith even blued the threads and fsb where the pipe cutter rubbed it for no additional charge. I couldn't be happier. Thanks again.
  6. Is there any way that the air pocket between the barrel and inside wall of the flash hider can have an effect on ballistics? Did you notice any change with your gun? I cut my shroud as close as I could to the fsb with a small pipe cutter. It only exposed 9/16 of an inch of the barrel. Would you recommend that I try to cut a little more off with my dremel or just go with what I have? Sorry if it sounds like I am beating a dead horse. I just don't want to mess this up, and I am paying someone to thread my barrel. Thanks
  7. I just got my new Phantom flash hider in the mail from CSS. Now I'm not sure how to proceed with the barrel threading. The thread depth on the Phantom is 9/16 of an inch. The depth to the stopping point or wall is 11/16 of an inch. Do I need to cut my fsb back enough for the barrel to screw completely to the inside of the phantom, or do I just need to go the depth of the threads and index it where it needs to line up on the outside? It seems like to me that it would need to flush fit to the full 11/16 of an inch. But, that would cause problems when indexing it, right? Does it matter if
  8. +1 to CSS. I ordered my conversion parts from Greg and got them very quickly in the mail. My conversion was quick and simple. He has always answered any questions I had by email the same day. How many places have you emailed that answer you the same day? I highly recommend CSS. Fast shipping, fast responses, and quality products.
  9. Conversion looks pretty clean so far. Too bad about the delay. At least CSS is fast with shipping. It will be worth the wait.
  10. I used a dremel, chisel, and sandpaper.
  11. Thanks for the comments everyone. I was nervous about cutting the handguard at first, but it wasn't hard. I was very happy with the results.
  12. It is a CSS side rail mount. It is very sturdy.
  13. I just completed my conversion. Everything went smooth and easy. If anybody is not sure about their abilities in doing a conversion, go for it. This was my first, and it went great. The only issue I ran into was the receiver block for the stock. It wouldn't fit around the pistol grip nut, so I had to grind out the slot bigger. The tapco trigger feels great. It is a huge improvement from the stock setup. I also modified the stock handguard. I have to give thanks to Chile and bohound for the inspiration on the guard. The Truglo red dot works really well and holds a zero. I still
  14. Thanks for the replies. I know you usually hear the bad about a product but rarely hear the good. Maybe what I was reading about was before the recall. I feel better about the g2 now. I tend to be over precautious, so please don't take my questions a an indication of my gun safety. I just want to know the good and bad before I do my conversion. Thanks again for the replies.
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