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  1. This an an awesome, high quality muzzle brake I purchased at a local gun show in March of 2013 as an unissued item. I shot through it twice while mounted on my 7.62x54R Vepr and don't even remember any recoil. My grouping was so good, better than before I added the muzzle brake, that I decided to run this rifle suppressed shortly after that. I've been sitting on this muzzle brake ever since, stored in my gun safe, thinking that I would be able to use it on something else (it was that good). Years have now passed and I've been doing some house cleaning lately. I don't think I will be purchasing another AK style rifle anytime soon so I figured that someone else would be able to enjoy this nice muzzle brake. It's an original Hungarian Military Issue muzzle brake with 14 x 1 LH threads. Perfect for your Vepr or other AK style rifles in 7.62x54R, 7.62x39, 308, 30-06, or all other 30 calibers using this left hand thread pattern. When I did install it, I didn't use any lock-tight but did have to use one of my thin Thunder Beast spacer rings to tighten the muzzle brake with the correct rotation (openings pointed out to the right and left sides). I definitely remember that. $35 shipped.
  2. So, when I usually resort to asking a question on one of my forums, it's usually a doozy. Well, maybe not this one for someone running a similar setup. So, I'm basically going to be using one of my suppressors on my Vepr. The rifle is the 23" barrel one in 7.62x54R. Suppressor is a Crux Nemesis338. Don't feel comfortable running my 30BAS in that a 308 bullet is slightly smaller than a 7.52x54R in diameter plus you never know how congruent the treading is on my barrel. My questing, do I need to worry about the increase in gas pressures and if so, what modifications to the rifle do I need to perform? I'd rather not spend the money on an adjustable gas block if I don't need one. Rounds I will be using are 203gr. SP. Thanks
  3. I'm currently looking for some more Barnaul SP in the Red and Green box. I'm not interested in brown bear or wolf. What I have is an inventory of Hungary 1970 Steel Core Heavy Ball with the yellow and silver tip. These rounds dried up a lot of years ago. Head stamp: 21/70. Case: steel copper washed. Bullet: 182.6 GR., spitzer boat tail, still core, silver/yellow tip, ballistic coefficient .556
  4. I would love to have one of these for a Vepr square black model.
  5. I wish I knew if it was a common issue as well, but at least the rifle groups well. The one thing I can say it that it is not being caused by the sight positions. I know this because I had to adjust my red dot with quite a bit of windage correction to compensate. Very, very odd indeed but I guess I'll have to live with it. At least it works right?
  6. finishman2000, what is your tap thread size and drill bit size?
  7. Yeah, the one YouTube video I used cracked me up when I saw the guy tap his by sticking his tap in a cordless drill. There is no way that would have worked on the hard steel on my rifle. It would have snap my #6-32NC tap like a toothpick. I can't explain that part of the vedio but I will say that it was very detailed and very helpful.
  8. I 100% agree on the bullet guide comment. As far as the videos go making this look easy, I really don't believe they are using the correct drill bit size for their tap. Without the use of my drill press to help me, drilling and tapping would have sucked. I also used the drill press (manually hand cranking) to start the tap by the way and I finished it off with the T handle.
  9. AK-74 Project Before: After: Materials: Saiga IZ-240 (5.45x39mm) Vortex Strike Fire Red dot (has green dot also with a good number of brightness settings including 2 NV settings, totally water proof) Killflash for Vortex (honeycomb is definitely visible with this unmagnified red dot, but is not a problem) PK-01V Russian 30mm mount (ordered from Kalinka, centers perfectly over the receiver, was a pain to mount the optics, all though I only needed 4 of the 6 screws to secure the optics to the mount, I ended up re-tapping the last two screw holes because it was not aligned enough to install the two middle screws. Not really necessary though in that the 2 top and the two bottom clamp screws are all you really need. K-VAR Warsaw stock (probably should have ordered the Nato length stock which is 1-1/2 inches longer but it all worked out because the Russian rocket launcher pad gives me extra comfort as well and gives me a better shoulder weld) Russian rocket launcher recoil pad (added for extra length and comfort, used electrical tape around the edge of the stock for a tighter fit on the pad) MFT Engage EPG47 pistol grip (has waterproof compartment, perfect fit with the trigger guard) Grip nut (needed with any pistol grip install) RAM STG trigger guard (perfect fit and does not require any drilling and tapping) Flat Trunnion Bullet Guide (ordered from Carolina Shooters Supply and what they sent me had problems. After installing, the bolt would get jammed in the forward position and only while manually cycling rounds through the rifle. Determined that the bullet guide in a couple of places was binding the bolt to where it could not rotate. I ended up having to remove metal in a couple of spots on the bullet guide and as well took some metal off of the bolt in order to smooth out some of the contact points. I was told by someone at the gun show yesterday that for this conversion, get the flat bullet guide for the 7.62x39 which is suppose to be thinner. Note that in the advertising for the IZ-240, the ad states that the rifle will accept all military surplus mags. WRONG! 50% of my surplus mags would not work before this installation and the rounds would not follow through into the chamber. Get the bullet guide, trust me) Tapco G2 trigger group ordered from dinzagarms: (hammer – modified to operate with bolt hold open level, trigger, disconnector – polished for lighter trigger pull, trigger pull feels better than stock now) Retaining plate (locks the trigger pins in and is a non-needed item that replaces the sheperds crook retaining spring) Nylon hole plugs (4 of them needed) 4 mag carrier bag and 30 round magazine package (received Two Bulgarian arsenal 25, mold 1 mags, one Bulgarian arsenal 10, mold 2 mag, and a Russian sanitized, mold 1 mag) Note: The Saiga 10 round mag that came with the rifle has to be modified slightly in order to work after this conversion. At the Range: First trip to the range went pretty good. First let me say that if you plan on purchasing a Saiga, definitely get the front sight adjustment tool in order to battle sight-in your irons. I had too much elevation on the rifle and I discovered that it actually shoots way far to the right. I got lucky in that my red dot scope was barely able to compensate for this. Here is a pic of where my front sight sits. I guess you can’t expect perfection at a Russian plant. To battle sight the AK, I put the rear sight on 300 meters and zero’ed it out at 25 yrds. I then verified at the 100 yrd range that I was were I wanted to be as far as windage with the rear sight set on 100 meters. After sighting in the irons, I put the red dot scope on. The two targets below (50 yrd on top, 100 yrd on bottom) gives you an ideal where the 5.45x39mm hits at 50 yrds in comparison to 100 yrds. After making about a 6 moa adjustment down, I went back to the 50 yrd range to do more shooting. I noticed that the grouping was a little larger than previously and discovered upon inspection that the side rail mount was loose. After receiving it in the mail, I thought the tension on the mount was tight enough but I guess I was wrong. There might be a certain break-in period for these mounts, not sure, but it was definitely loose, to the point where I could move it forward and backwards with ease. I will have to do a tension adjustment on the rail mount after all. Instructions for this procedure is listed on Kalinka’s website. At this point the range closed so I will have to finish tweeking my system on the next trip. For the red dot, I plan on zeroing at 50 yrds for now. I hope the info here helps anyone out planning to buy an IZ-240. It is my first Saiga or AK type of rifle and I have to say that it is probably the most fun shooting weapon that I own. Of course, the 13 cents a round probably has something to do with that.
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