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  1. the conversion kit I got from CSS had a tapco hammer pre-trimmed out of the box for the BHO. it worked with no issues, unless you buy the parts separately I don't think you'll have a problem
  2. I'm sorry about the late reply, but this not only answered the question, but did so in an amazing way. Thank you.
  3. Yes, but my bullet guide doesn't overhang when i put it under the barrel, so i was worried about how far to put it in.
  4. Hi, I just converted my 7.62, but i still have to do the bullet guide. I have a flat trunnion and I'm not sure how far forward toward the magazine I should be pushing the bullet guide. I have the piece from CSS, but the tapered bit on the metal shim doesn't go all the way to the back of the barrel (if it's supposed to overhang a little), so I'm a bit confused and I don't want to ruin my gun doing it Edit: I forgot to attach pics. this picture shows the guide against the barrel.
  5. hell no, it's in there and it's staying there until i have to clean it!
  6. ah! i beat the gas tube with my Leatherman a bit, and i got it in. i think that little metal washer needed to be bent a certain way, and i must have bent it when i took it out
  7. It just doesn't seem to be getting down enough?
  8. Ok, so I managed to disassemble my entire rifle, which took a LOT of effort to get the gas tube out, now, the reverse seems to be true, the gas tube doesn't want to go back in place. *facepalm* it looks like the washer that's between the tube and the post is bowed a bit too much, but I'm not sure. I'm really stressed at this thing now, I haven't even gotten to fire the thing yet.
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