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  1. You come to a Saiga forum, and then you bash the weapon. Nice 2nd post No "Bashing" at all. Just repeating what is posted here on the forum. Maybe you haven't read about the problems I listed? I would BET that since you have made over 600 post here that you have read about them. Repeating what has been posted is NOT Bashing. Man I TRULY didn't mean to step on any toes here. I was just trying to say Thank You for providing a wealth of good information on the S-12. I haven't ruled out the S-12 100% as I would love to see the build quality and reliability go up and price go down. That woul
  2. Well after thinking about it more and reading about all the problems here, I've decided it just isn't worth it -TO ME- to spend a extra $400-$500 to "FIX"(convert back to the way it was originally built,gas port problems,grind and polish to make the bolt work as it should from the factory,etc. etc.) a NEW gun that is already overpriced. Not to mention taking a chance on getting one with a weak carrier or one where the importer molest them to make them "work" to avoid warranty issues and no replacement parts available. If they were sold as they are now but called "KITS" and priced around $30 th
  3. Mike34

    My build plans

    Planning to buy the 12ga in a few months when I get back to work. After reading many post from all the good folks here(great forum!!), This is what I have planned so far.... Do the conversion myself with CSS Kit #2 CSS Recoil pad(in case I ever want to shoulder the weapon) CSS Puck V-Plug Mod/Polish by Pauly MD-20 Drum Possibly a Laser later on I plan to keep handy for HD loaded with Remington 2 3/4" Steel Shot Magnum BB 1 1/4 oz shells 1275fps (Roughly 90 .18 Cal pellets per shot) These shells literally make ground meat out of the sides of wild hogs here so I figure they will work
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