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  1. I never though I would have to ask this , but where is a good place to sell my saiga-12?
  2. boomstick88

    New Puck

    http://www.brownells.com/.aspx/pid=31946/Product/SAIGA-12-TWISTERPUC Is this worth it? Or does anyone have any better ideas. Thanks yall
  3. boomstick88

    Vepr 12

    thats amazing. I WISH i had the ability to do this to my saiga12.
  4. so i found a new carrier for my saiga!!!! I hope that it will work correctly. I still have the old carrier and was wondering if there is anyone out there that can weld this better than my gunsmiths "professional" welder. if its not possible to weld this thats fine. I know some people are making short barrels so im willing to sell it if you want it. lemme know what the best thing to do is. Thank you all for your help. p.s the image has the fracture line circled in red. The welder i took it to was supossed to fill and reinforce. I put about 100 rounds at the correct gas setting and
  5. I bought a saiga 12 2 years ago and i have had nothing but bad luck. Honestly it probably has a lot to do with the fact that this is my first gun and I have no idea what im doing when it comes to customizing it. Recently the Bolt carrige sheared at the piston insertion point and my Gumsmith is welding it together. I have been told that this is a bad idea but I dont know what els to do. I can't find a new piston/bolt/carriage anywhere. Im at the point where i just want to say f* it and start over. Any advice. (please be nice im totally new at this). Does anyone know where i can get parts for th
  6. thats the guy who sells the glass bolts right? I called and left a message. Thanks !
  7. trying to post a pic but dont know how... (face palm)
  8. my bad. the gun smith has it now. I will post a pic asap. well its not the picture of mine but this is where it cracked.
  9. Hi everyone. Newb here so please be patient. The piston that is located at the front end of the bolt carrier has sheared and is missing a piece of metal. Called everyone i know and no one has ever heard of this happening. im assuming it was operator error :/ . Is there a way to get a new bolt and carrier? I dont know very much about guns this was/is my first gun. I want to make this a reliable weapon ,but i feel i am to inexperienced to mess with it. Espically now that its damadged.
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