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  1. Thanks everyone for all the info. With all the uncertainty pointed out, I think I will pass on the combathunter muzzle brake above. I may just go with the one from Carolina Shooter Supply. I like this one because it's U.S. Made which will help in the 922R: http://store.carolinashooterssupply.com/servlet/-strse-1282/24mm-AK74-Brake-Threads/Detail Somehow I missed this one from my Google'ing. At least this one specifically says it IZ 332. I'll keep looking out for the Krebs and Kvar as well. Can anyone suggest who sells them?
  2. I wasn't sure about the Left Hand Thread vs Right Hand Thread. I've read on other forums that seems to imply either one or the other. Not sure which I should get.
  3. Hi. Before I purchase, can you all verify if this is the correct Muzzle Brake for the IZ 332 (7.62x39)? Here's the link to Combathunting.com: http://www.combathun...31&product=8748 Thanks!
  4. Thanks for taking the time folks. I was totally oblivious to the hollow point bullets. I haven't come across those yet. I can imagine the issues one can have with those. I'll see how far I can get away w/out a bullet guide for now. If it gets too problematic, I'll have one installed. I am not a machinist and such, I'd probably have to hire a gunsmith to put one in for me. I'm slowly seeing bullet guide install gone bad stories out there, I'd probably be one of them.
  5. I read on another thread, from Mr. BlahX3, that there maybe some IZ332 out there that doesn't require a bullet guide to use an AK mag. To avoid hijacking that other thread, I'd might as well just start a new one. Hope you don't mind BlahX3, I copy and pasted your post here: "You may not need a bullet guide. My Saiga 7.62 IZ 332 is fully 922 compliant. I had to file my mag catch for it to accept "regular" AK47 magazines. While I had the AK 47 mag in I though why not so I pulled the bolt back and it chambers and ejects from each of my magazines. Metal surplus, Circle 10's, all of them. Without a bullet guide installed. Woohoo" Prior to reading Mr.BlahX3 post, I purchased a 10 round magazine from a vendor at a Gun Show. Vendor claimed it was for a Saiga 7.62x39. After taking it home, I compared it to the factory mag and noticed the forward lip of the opening were different. When the Gun Show arrived in town again, I talked to the same vendor and asked if they truly are selling the correct Saiga magazines. They took my factory magazine and started comparing it to the different AK and Saiga magazines that they offered. The vendor came back and said the factory magazine actually matched closer to a standard AK magazine. Well, I was a bit shocked, and wasn't sure what to think. I looked at the lips of the AK mag, and it did seem to match somewhat to the factory Saiga mag. I started to question (to myself) if the vendor organized their inventory correctly. I decided not to buy or exchange anything until I learn more of what's going on. Now reading Mr.BlahX3 post, I think I may have the same situation now where my rifle does not require a bullet guide. Afterall, the factory magazine appear to look like the standard AK magazine. Unfortunately, I don't have a true AK magazine readily available to compare or test at home. Now, my question to everyone, can anyone else elaborate more on this? Was this a variance in manufacturing? Has anyone else been able to use and AK mag on an IZ332 without bullet guide? I attached the photo of the two mags I have on hand. I did my best to focus but this cheap point and shoot camera don't have much too offer. The smaller black one is the factory magazine. The earth tone colored one is the aftermarket "supposed" Saiga compatible magazine. Unfortunately no photo of a true AK magazine. Thanks in advanced. Sorry for being long winded.
  6. Yes, you're correct. California limits me to only 10 rounds :-(
  7. I admit I am still trying to understand the 922R compliance. I was told anyway, the fact I have to Dremel off the tack weld on the metal cap, that hides the threads, then adding a muzzle brake, I am taking it out of import configuration. This reconfiguration "would" trigger the 922R compliance. Are you saying this is not true?
  8. Oh, you brought a good point. Here's why I am not converting over, at least at this time. I live in the People's Republic of California. If I convert to a true AK style pistol grip & stock, I would require the dreaded magazine lock (aka bullet button). Currently, in current monte carlo stock configuration, I don't require the magazine lock. That's one of the original reasons why I was attracted to the Saiga rifles, I don't have to go out of my way to make them "featureless". One of my other AK variant rifles has magazine lock right now, and it truly annoys me. I am sure over time I may get use to it, but in the mean time... Wow. I guess this proves I really need to learn the 922r a bit more. Awesome, nice to know I was already at my goal. Thanks. Thank you for confirming. I recognize that site/tool you're using. Apparently I used it wrong the first time :-(
  9. Thanks. So far in my searches, the replacement fire control group meant for Saiga's are for pistol grip type conversions. I'd like to keep the trigger in its current location to keep the monte carlo stock. But if there really is a true replacement out there, I'd like to go that route instead of having to replace the handguard, which I happen to like. I did see pistons for sale, but I've seen the work involved in replacing those, not sure if I am ready to go that route at my skill level.
  10. My intention for the IZ 332 was to keep the factory monte carlo stock and add a muzzle brake. What I didn't realize, till recently, is that if I add a muzzle brake, I would effectivley need to comply with the 922R regulation. From what I've read so far, I need 6 U.S. made parts to make this work. I would like anyone's opinion on how I could achieve this as simple and economical as possible. I have no metal fabrication skills so anything requiring precision drilling, cutting, etc, is probably not a good idea. My only idea right now is purchase the following U.S. made parts: - Muzzle Brake - Front Hand Guard - Magazine (counts as 3) The above meets 5 U.S. parts. I am wondering if anyone could recommend a 6th item. I am open to a different approach all together. Thanks.
  11. If you can find a local FFL with reasonable charges, and don't mind shipping, I got my Saiga's from Altantic Firearms from Maryland.
  12. Thanks everyone for your feedback. Really needed feedback from the pro's out there. Digipax: Thanks for the photo. I thought about shaving some type of relief on the tool, but wasn't sure if I was going about this all wrong and if I am using the wrong tool completely. I will move in that direction and start chamfer'ing. Russian Hammer: I attached a photo of the raised dimple I was talking about. The pin I mentioned was really the front sight stud (front sight block). Excuse me for the bad symantics. I put an arrow of the bump (raised dimple) that I mentioned earlier. Hutchsaiga: If I had the coordination you have I probably wouldn't have posted the question :-) I was in the middle of the desert, under the Sun, trying to make this oh so last minute adjustment. After firm contact, I was never able to keep it aligned, kept slipping each time I turned the handle. It was getting way too hot and I was playing with it too long. I began to doubt what I was doing. Just a comment. I didn't even expect the sights to be way off from the factory like that. Previously my Saiga 308, out of the box, was dead on accurate. So getting this IZ 332 for the first time, didn't expect anything worse. Huh.
  13. I need to adjust the front sight for my Saiga 7.62x39 rifle. Noticed it's slightly different then my other AK variant rifles. This Saiga has a raised dimple above the pin, while my other AK's are flat. So when I try put my AK Sight Adjustment Tool c-clamp, it hits on that raised dimple, thus the clamp is unable sit flat on the surface. Any suggestions? Is there another sight tool that will work for the IZ 332? Thanks.
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