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  1. In each side, you need to cut one big hole and two little holes. More info and pix here: http://forum.saiga-1...rfolder-so-far/ I used regular drill bits for the small holes and a step bit for the large holes.
  2. Been a busy summer. I finally got hte last screws blued and installed, and the underfolder Saiga is ready to rock, at last. The bluing turned out great, IMO. It's shiny and lustrous and prob'ly over the top for an AK, but so what? Who cares if it's guilding the lilly? I'm in lust with it. I It sure is a nice, handy package to store when the stock is folded. The folding stock is tight and locks up like a bank vault. Next, a custom peep sight to make it shoot even better . . .
  3. Sorry. I've been AWOL. I am no expert. This is the one and only Saiga or AK I've ever owned or worked on. My imperfect understanding is that you need to entirely replace the rear trunnion with an underfolder trunnion. From the little I know, there are two fundamentally different types of rear trunnions: 1) Romanian, which use two rivets that are in entirely different places than the rivets on my Saiga and which slant the underfolder stock downward at an angle 2) Polish/Yugo, which use three rivets, two of which will need new holes but one of which will not. These carry the stock more o
  4. I've made a bit more progress. First, I bead-blasted off all the russkie paint. The metal underneath was Commie-cobby—full of dimples and rough machine marks. In anticipation of wanting a worn, carried-for-20-years look, I draw-filed out the works of the pitting and rough machining marks, especially in those areas an underfolder would take handling wear when carried slung across the chest for years. There it is, polished up pretty well and ready for "juicing" with bluing compound. Before long, everything was good and rusty. Time to boil the parts in distilled water. I u
  5. All the welding and cutting is done. I'm rust-bluing the whole thing right now. I'm going for the weathered, starting to take on some brown, rubbed back look of a gun that's spent a lot of time being carried outside but then gets cleaned up once in a while, like my best friend's Dad's 30-40 Krags always looked. If it looks sucky when I get it there, I'll just keep bluing for a new look. If that fails, I'll paint it.
  6. I've started cutting metal, at last. As others have noted, it takes some time to work up the courage to cut big holes in a perfectly good receiver. I also wanted itmine to be convertible, so I could fit it with an underfolder stock, but also be convertible back to being able to use a wooden fixed stock. That turned out to be a bit more work, leaving the requisite hole in the receiver for the woodens stock and drillling matching holes in the underfolder trunnion. First, drill out ther fixed-stock rivets and the other rivets necessary for conversion. Commie rivets're hard.
  7. OK, then. I won't cut the slots into my receiver. Thanks, all.
  8. This is the truth. Well, #5 is on the left side of the weapon. The slots I'm asking about are on the right side of the weapon, so the pin in #5 could never contact the slots shown. Anybody know what the slots at 6 and 12 o'clock on the right side of the trunnion are for? I don't want to cut them if they're not needed.
  9. Yes, that's what the holes are for. What I'm curious about is what the slots at 12 and 6 o'clock are for. Do any of you know?
  10. OK, I will. Can you explain to me their function?
  11. I was wondering if maybe it was meant to allow driving one of the pins out partially and then pulling that part of the shaft out og the starboard side to complete removal of the pin? I want to cut what I need to cut, but I want also to cut no more than necessary.
  12. Hmm. Mine looks like it locks into the holes to each side of the lateral axis. I coul
  13. I'm working on my underfolder and can't quite see what is the function of the two notches on the vertical axis of the center hole. What are these for? Thanks!
  14. I thank you both for taking the trouble to answer. As a side note, the T-rex doing pushups really made me howl with laughter.
  15. I pushed the button and have one on the way. I'd appreciate opinions from anyone on what is the best trigger to get. Thanks!
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