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  1. thats what I would think. But felt recoil feels the same in #1 and #2 position. And at this time there is no damage appearing anywhere to think it is over gased. Runs like a timex. I only have 300 round thru it right now. Will see if things change after 500. I really don't think thats the problem tho.
  2. I recently converted a S-20 that produced a strange cycling issue. As for the gas system all I did was increase the three gas ports to 3/32. Because slide was only opening 3/4 of range. I decided it was under gased. The Slide, bolt, and bolt head move smooth as glass. But the gun will only cycle properly (w/o FTE/FTE) when the gas system valve is in the #1 position (colsed position). Not a problem, just strange. Thinking it may be over gassed, I have tried the adjustable V plug, MD valves they will not work in any position. I hate being a profectionest, I keep trying to fix things tha
  3. They say you can't fix stupid, but in this case you can. Remove the index finger.
  4. I have a MD V Plug slightly used $25.00 TYD. Shot 20 rounds using it. Didn't work for me on my s20 Purchases 06/01/12 I have a MD Booster Puc New never used $19.00 TYD You save shipping on each individual purchase Both for $40.00 TYD You save shipping + by purchasing both. 1st I'll take it, followed by a PM, gets it Dave
  5. Would like to know how the Tac 47 auto plug works out . I was going to go that route, called them and they said it was made for only the S12. So I went with the MD and it has not arrived yet. Good luck on the build, mine went well. Dave
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