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  1. ...and I apologized to you, and admitted that I was being jerk. Since then I've given you the respect you deserve, and should have been giving all along. People got testy with who knows how much money they had stolen from them. Didn't give me a right, but can we just move on... taking off my Mod colors for this one... .. you don't implicate uninvolved people with no shred of evidence of having involvement with CRIME, damaging their reputation and business in the process without expecting to reap a whirlwind of spite and hatred for it..? Did I try and help Pauly like many others here you bet! Did I think he would end up doing the right thing? I did! of that I am guilty.. but! As for you saying I was too close to this shit to be trusted.. along with anyone else who wanted to play fuck-fuck conspiracy theory as to mine and the "forum's involvement" in this shit.. YOU, yourself, MLR along with other members such as Kanzaz and several others ran their mouths here and on other forums as to my personal involvement with these CRIMES! (thank god for screen captures)! Painting me with the same brush ya painted Pauly with.. Ya know how pissed ya are to have been cheated and lose time and things of value? yeah.. me too!!!.. ever since you and others painted a bullseye on my back over this mess when I was trying to help. All I want is to seek justice for wrong done to me (just like you). But you CAN NOT EARN TRUST BACK.. Even if it was lost because of some conspiracy bullshit someone made up about you... Just as you do and have wanted justice for your parts. I want justice for wrongdoing towards me.. Railroaded for being a volunteer.. Fuck the forum.. You made this personal. It would be no different than me saying MLR and Kanzaz are involved with a kiddie porn ring (with NOTHING to back it up), but I just KNOW it to be true and want to blame someone for some tor the problems in my life.... I hope someday y'all find yourselves nailed to a cross for shit you didn't do... Do I sound pissed? You bet! that happens when you accuse an innocent man of CRIME... and for the rest of y'all, I really do hope and pray y'all get your parts back.. and if I can help in any way, please contact me personally (via the juggernaut account).. You can help...glad to see ya on board. Thanks.
  2. To all victims: I posted a "Go Fund Me" topic in the General section of this forum. Be sure to leave ideas, encouraging comments, for this fundraiser. Note: I will not personally handle any donations if Makc allows this fundraiser to get up and going. I'm just a fellow victim who got lucky, unlike some of you I think we can help to move on. (IF IT GETS CLEARED by MAKC 1st) ~Juggs
  3. ...and I apologized to you, and admitted that I was being jerk. Since then I've given you the respect you deserve, and should have been giving all along. People got testy with who knows how much money they had stolen from them. Didn't give me a right, but can we just move on...
  4. Mods please stick this thread. As some of you may be aware there was a vendor named Paul Pawlowski who has ripped people off. I'm one of those people, but this comment isn't about me. I at least got my parts back from this man. Others haven't been so lucky. I ask for a very highly regarded/ trusted moderator's assistance in launching a "Go Fund Me" page to aid the victims who have not received their parts, so that they can move on, and put this behind them. The reason I need a moderator for this is so that donations will go to a trusted source. Any support, and/or donations would be greatly appreciated. On behalf of the victims of stolen firearms parts I sincerely thank you all if only just for reading this. Don't hesitate to pm me. Details of what has taken place can be found in the "Problematic Venders" area of this great forum.
  5. Everybody have there stuff back? Any contact with Paul, or status updates?
  6. Unfortunately Paul has a self destroying personality, and all of us got dragged into the war he is waging on himself. Paul is not a good man. He is not a selfless, caring individual. He is a selfish, self centered, arrogant, loathing, wicked person. Thankfully, people can change, but until Paul changes this drama will continue. Paul, face the consequences! Give these people back their parts even if you are mandated by law not to do so. Give it all, everything you are now, and this memory away, then recreate yourself as a better man. You will survive. This isn't life and death. Holding on to these parts for any reason at all is selfish. Man up, and take the fall...life isn't fair.
  7. I actually sent him a pm on this forum last night...lol
  8. Got my parts back as well. He started on the charging handle but the weld is not finished and looks like bubbly crap.
  9. Well said. Anymore people have an opinion on the matter?
  10. The question for us is: "After recieving our parts, do we allign with those who did not in pounding the last nails into this proverbial coffin?" In other words, do we file a theft report with the Oregon State Police for the money we paid for services that have not been rendered? What do you all have to say about this?
  11. We have been submitting reports to our local PD's, and Oregon PD's already, and they have not done a thing, but contact Paul. Maybe after submitting your report with your local police you should submit one through Oregon "STATE" Police. Let's face it. Paul keeps hoppin' around from place to place so who knows where he might be?
  12. That's odd that the DOJ hasn't contacted you yet. When did you submit a claim?
  13. The DOJ was the department I was told to go to for civil cases. It appears that what's going on with people who's parts are unaccounted for is criminal. Folks with parts unaccounted for need to file criminal complaints with their local PD's, and the PD nearest the Oregon DOJ. If you have already filed "criminal" complaints with the above stated PD's follow up, file an update to current reports, and include the most recent information of the goings on in this tragedy. Also note the DOJ has a load of evidence in their posession, and would most likely cooperate with the PD's in a criminal case. After the DOJ does their part, our group will come together, and figure out a way we can help those less fortunate in this tragedy. We are brothers, and sisters here who share in similar circumstances, and that brings us together. Paul should be held responsible for this debacle for "JUSTICE" not revenge.
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