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  1. Here goes a shot in the dark. I'm looking for the t nut that fits inside the butt stock and the screw that goes through the inside of the grip to attach to it. I'm also looking for the grip cap screw. I have no problem buying a complete butt stock that has all the hardware. Price depends on what I have to buy. Thanks for reading!
  2. Well I got it all figured out. I sized the handguard so that I have easy access to the gas setting detent. I also used a dremel to open it up and a file to make everything flat. That is what I did, the hanguard already has a hole drilled for attaching a bipod. You will have to drill another hole exactly above it to match the hole for the gas block. the swivel sling will cover up the original hole drilled in the handguard
  3. Just got my order today, took little over a week to get. Good quality parts and even included nylon plugs and some badass flame ear plugs. Thanks a lot! Now I just have to wait on IWD and Rhineland to get my wood!!!
  4. That is gorgeous. What type of retainers did you use?
  5. Well I ordered the handguard from them and an extended AKM butt stock from IWD today. I guess I'll do my best to document fitment onto my S12 for anyone interested, could take a while because I just started my Masters degree and my time is devoted primarly towards it. For those interested, I ordered walnut to better match the two parts. Wish me luck, I'm probably going to need it.
  6. How's it going guys? I've searched and looked then searched some more and found nothing about this. I'm sure many of you have seen this with SVD furniture: http://legionusainc.com/izl-46-saiga-12.html Now I love that look and want to mimic it. I searched and found this SVD style FPK handguard: http://www.troupsystems.com/svd%20kit.htm I like the open top a hell of a lot better than the close on the first image. Outside of having to open up the inside to accept the handguard and modifying it to fit inside the Saiga 12 rear retainer and danzigs front retainer would I encounter any more p
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