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  1. Sounds silly, but I suppose I understand (re: the pad). And I'm looking at the Cadiz LRBHO, and theres a deluxe model. "The Deluxe model is tabbed so that a tab protrudes thru the action where the original BHO was. The tab moves each time the gun cycles and said tab will chew on your finger. A slot is required to move the included button up onto the side of the reciever for better handling." What does this mean?
  2. Hey guys, So, still trying to do more research - I have a few more questions. 1) Last Round bolt hold open. I thought the S12 already had this. If I move the trigger group forward, do I lose the BHO? Is this the same as a LRBHO? How much of a pain in the butt is the Cadiz LRBHO install? Think my smith could pull it off? Also, would this product interfere with the Cadiz LRBHO? http://store.carolinashooterssupply.com/servlet/-strse-271/Krebs-Saiga-Ak47-Safety/Detail?sfs=e75f1af1 2) Does the Carolina Raptor stock some with a butt pad? The page for the stock mentions other Ace pads op
  3. Oh, one other thing. Do I *NEED* to replace the trigger? According to my 922 count, i don't need it for compliance. Beyond that - will the stock trigger work?
  4. Oh, perfect then! I'm actually going to have Jeff Walters from Parabellum Combat Systems do the conversion for me. Just got a Saiga for $599, and a Chaos Rail w/ sights for $320. Booya!
  5. And if I'm reading the stickies right, it looks like there is welding involved with the conversion process. Is that true? My smith cannot do welding. If theres a method of converting without welding, any points in that direction would be great (part wise). Sam
  6. Sounds good - Buy the gun first and run it to make sure it works. That's step one. Next step, IF it FTE, what next? Send it back? What would I try to do to fix the FTE? Is that what the reliability kit is for? Even if it runs right, could it hurt to use it? Next, nix the rock n lock. Got it. Then, for 922 compliance, does my buttstock (TBD), pistol grip, forearm (Chaos Titan), Mag body, follower and floorplate count for 922? (thinking like a US made drum). After that, I think I'm good to go?
  7. Hey there! Looking to do a custom Saiga 12 build. Beyond the Saiga itself, I believe I have all the parts I need. Anything missing that you all can see? BASIC CONVERSION KIT SAIGA 12 TRIGGER KIT (BLACK, CAROLINA SS) CHARGING HANDLE-TROMIX EXTENDED BOLT ON HANDLE SAIGA 12 TROMIX "MONSTER" BRAKE JTE Performance Power Hammer Spring /Main Spring for All Saiga and AK variants SAIGA 12RELIABILITY KIT (DPH ARMS) BOLT HOLD OPEN LEVER KIT SAIGA 12-MODIFIED EXTENDED MAGAZINE RELEASE SAIGA 12 JTE MAGAZINE GUIDE "ROCK-N-LOCK" RECOIL BUFFER-SAIGA SHOTGUNS, RIFLES, AK47 I plan to use a Chaos
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