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  1. Ive seen these underfolder adapter blocks before and i want one. any of you guys have one? ill pay for it or trade something of equal value for it.
  2. here it is, works like a charm but i sold my saiga so i have no need for it.
  3. Hey all, looking to sell a JTE Magwell with six modified ten round magazines ( 3 promag, 3 SGM) and one modified 5 round magazine for $310 dollars shipped. Ill post pictures once i have more time. payment through paypal only. happy selling guys.
  4. Ive been wanting to get an AK for a while to go along with my S12. thought id try my luck bartering with the fine gentlemen on this site. It's a first generation in great condition. 64 gigs, a bluetooth keyboard, leather case, otterbox case, and some extra connections. all valued at around 500. let me know if you have any guns laying around that you might be interested in trading(mainly an ak or a handgun) and offer some additional cash on top depending on what you have. happy trading guys!
  5. still trying to purchase a receiver block, but your website is still acting up
  6. the overall modification is very elementary. i chopped off that stupid bottom hinge on the trigger housing body so it doesnt interupt the placing of the magwell. chopped off a little bit of the cheek plate to clear the spacing for the mag well and added some washers to the screw that connects the cheek rest to the buttplate for maximum cycling capability. with a dremel this took me bout 10 minutes. i have a picture of the gun on this post here. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/80126-wts-cbrps-spike-bullpup-kit-for-saiga-12/
  7. Looking to sell a black anodized cbrps spike kit for the saiga 12. I put it on my gun, showed it to my wife and she hated it. So now I have to sell it. It's slightly modified to fit a jte magwell and goes In smooth. First one with 250 takes it shipped. Which is a steal since they go for 380 http://www.cbrps.com/Products.html
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