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  1. We have DDI-12 Shotguns in stock $599.95. Give us a call at 865-982-3950 and ask for Kerry.
  2. We just got a shipment of 16.5" Vepr 6.5 Grendel caliber rifles. I am waiting on pricing right now but if you want to get your name on the list for a rifle. Email kerryk@mach1arsenal.com they are like all the other rifles except they come with two 10 round magazines. Pictures of the rifles are on our facebook page, once we get pricing we will start charging and shipping them.
  3. We have some in stock come and get em. Limited quantity these are left over from various warranty and other projects. http://www.mach1arsenal.com/index.php/products/accessories.html
  4. We just got a shipment of FN Hi Power Pistols in stock, come and get em. Oh and our Good condition is better than what has been out there. http://www.mach1arsenal.com/index.php/products/handguns/fn-hi-power/fn-hi-power-9mm-pistol-good-condition.html
  5. Hey Guys, We got in a shipment of shotguns and are going to do a special here for the first 10 people that want one. The first 10 to call Kerry at 865-982-3950 will get one at $650.00 or buy them from our website http://www.mach1arsenal.com/index.php/products/shotguns.html. These are new in the box shotguns and do not have the ugly stippling on the receiver. Also in the next day or two I will have authentic Saiga IZ-109 parts available for purchase. I will post here when they are ready with pricing.
  6. ok I just set the website for free shipping on orders over $650.00
  7. it is all ups based, you can add it to the cart and put in your zip code and it will tell you the charge. typically it is around $25.00.
  8. I have posted some 308 rifles on our website for you guys to purchase direct since they seem to be in demand. They are all square receivers with tech stocks (un-finished throw away stocks) we have standard and integrated sights available for purchase. http://www.mach1arsenal.com/index.php/products/rifles.html
  9. First shipment has some square receivers but the future shipments will have the slant cut receivers with nice furniture. This was done for several reasons.
  10. yep I.O. brought in a few. Ours feature the Wolf Performance warranty. All the same distributors that had them before. Atlantic, Tac-47, Mississippi, Centerfire etc....
  11. WPA (Wolf Performance Ammunition & Arms) is importing them and Mach 1 Arsenal is handling the distribution.
  12. We just started shipping the first ever WPA branded Vepr 12 shotguns.
  13. Just a little heads up. The first official WPA branded Vepr products started shipping yesterday to our distributors. So the Vepr 12's are the first of many different firearms starting to ship. The Vepr rifles will be next and should start shipping in a week or two.
  14. Limited Stock Saiga 75 Round Drum very few left in stock. Converted by SGM Tactical, these will work in rifles that have a 922r conversion with no bullet guide installed.
  15. www.mach1arsenal.com
  16. We just launched our new website and we are busy adding product. so stop by and check it out if you get a chance.
  17. Mid to late April
  18. Yes Nikolai Volkoff I can confirm those are just rumors.
  19. These are the factory stocks and yes they will be welded open. Look for these soon, thats all I can say right now. Oh and out of all the stocks I have put on these shotguns (around 15 different stocks)this is by far my favorite.
  20. These are coming!!!!
  21. Yeah RWC has been saying that for 2 months.
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